Windows 11 Ecran bleu de la mort

Windows 11 : la dernière mise à jour provoque des écrans bleus de la mort à répétition, voici la solution

Experiencing blue screens of death since installing the latest Windows 11 update? You are not the only one. OS version KB5013943 conflicts with some antivirus drivers for many users. Fortunately, there is a temporary solution until Microsoft deploys a corrective patch.

We thought it disappeared from Windows 11 (except that it had simply gone black) but finally, the mythical blue screen is indeed present on Windows 11, for better and for worse. This famous error screen can be the consequence of multiple bugs of all kinds, but generally it is the result of a conflict between system files and certain applications or processes. It happens that an update generates problems with certain drivers.

If this is the case, it is generally not very serious, since it is enough to wait for Microsoft to deploy a patch to see the problem disappear. But during this time, the bug can prove to be particularly annoying. Some users are currently having the unpleasant experience of this. On Reddit, the testimonials concerning the latest Windows 11 update are multiplying: since the installation of the version KB5013943blue screens of death appear suddenly.

Here’s how to prevent screens of death on the latest version of Windows 11

As a reminder, KB5013943 is a security update deployed on May 10, which means that some users had no choice but to install it. However, the latter seems to cause more bugs than it fixes. Even worse, the blue screen of death sometimes only appears for a secondwhich makes it impossible to read the error message that appears.

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However, it seems that the problem is caused by a conflict between the update and the drivers of certain antiviruses. Sophos, one of them, confirmed that its software could be the source of the bug. The firm has also published a temporary solution that prevents Windows 11 from crashing. Here it is:

  • Go to Settings Windows 11 then in the section Windows Update
  • In the section Pause updatesopen the drop-down menu and select Suspend for 1 week
  • Then open the Control Panel
  • Navigate in Programs and Features
  • Click on View installed updates
  • In the new window, find KB5013943
  • Right click on it and select Uninstall

Source: WindowsLatest

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