WhatsApp : comment quitter discrètement une conversation de groupe ?

WhatsApp now allows you to leave a conversation without telling everyone. We see you explain the procedure to follow.

Whether it’s work, friends or family conversations, WhatsApp groups are sometimes a real chore. For little to have interlocutors and interlocutors a little too talkative, or simply old knowledge of which one does not want any more news, the feeling of being harassed is never far away.

Leaving a WhatsApp conversation is complicated. The official method, which is to simply select “Leave the group” may be done in two clicks, it let everyone know you’re leaving, which will undoubtedly have the effect of making you look bad. However, there is a simple method to extricate yourself from the situation in a discreet way.

How to leave a WhatsApp group discreetly?

You just need to combine two things. First, it is necessary to pass the silent notificationsthen select “Still”. Be careful to take care to uncheck the box “Show Notifications” under penalty of continuing to see the number of messages appear on the logo of the application. Then just to archive the groupto stop seeing it in your main thread.


The method works on both iOS and Android, and even if you haven’t officially left the group in question, the result is the same. Not only will you not offend anyone, but it will also always be possible to reappear if you change your mind, without having to ask the administrators again.

Beta Whatsapp leave a conversation
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Note, however, that the application seems aware of the problem: according to information from WABetaInfo, a new beta will soon make it possible to leave a group conversation by simply notifying the administrators of the conversation. A way out through the back door.

Otherwise: assume

This is obviously not the easiest solution. We hang on our phones all day, and leaving a group sometimes sounds like a blunder likely to offend your interlocutors, which a priori you want to avoid. Yet we all face this problem. Messaging applications are multiplying, and online conversations are no longer reserved for our loved ones. The most honest thing is therefore to assume the fact that it is difficult to be on all fronts, and to prioritize your digital social life.

How to make WhatsApp less intrusive?

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