Vous utilisez le Netflix d'un ami ? Profitez-en, ça ne va pas durer

Vous utilisez le Netflix d’un ami ? Profitez-en, ça ne va pas durer

Netflix plans to act on account sharing in late 2022, according to an internal memo from the subscription video-on-demand service. It is not a question of preventing it, but of making the subscribers pay for it. Literally.

The hunt for account sharing on Netflix will soon materialize. While the American SVOD giant has historically been very permissive, the tone must change by the end of the year. This is revealed by an internal memo read by the New York Times, in its edition of May 10. This document also discusses the arrival of advertising on the site.

Details on Netflix’s account sharing strategy remain fairly hazy, but the first steps should emerge in the last three months of 2022. That’s when Netflix, in the words of the NYT, “ plans to start cracking down on password sharing among its subscribers. »

Netflix is ​​preparing minds for a change of gear on passwords. // Source: Numerama

This is obviously the first time that we have had a start of the calendar on Netflix’s intentions. We knew that the subscription video-on-demand platform wanted to tighten the screw, without going so far as to absolutely prevent any account sharing. Among the options considered, there is that of a higher invoicing on the Internet user who owns the shared account.

Simply put, if you’re the subscription holder and you pass it on to your little brother, or your friend, or your girlfriend, or all of those people, and so much more, then Netflix is ​​going to elevate it somewhat the price of your subscription. It remains to be seen by how much and under what conditions (for example, an increase of a fixed amount per “free rider”?).

Netflix will let you explain to yourselves

Netflix is ​​caught between contradictory issues: on the one hand, it must preserve its brand image and its notoriety (the sharing of accounts has also made it possible to popularize the site’s content, which is important in the battle between SVOD giants to get the attention of the public), and it also needs to find growth drivers.

The looming monthly price hike for shared accounts seems like a pretty cunning ploy on Netflix’s part: it allows it to not officially end account sharing, as such — at least it doesn’t. not what is planned in the short term: in principle, sharing will always be tolerated. On the other hand, it will be made more restrictive.

One subscriber, three stowaways.
One subscriber, three stowaways.

Indeed, a substantial increase in the monthly price could cause clarifications between the Internet user who shares the account and his relatives. These could be denied access if it becomes too expensive for the payer. Or they could be asked to make a financial contribution or, if they already are, give a little more than before.

In both cases, the text explanation will be between people with access to the shared account. Netflix might even be a winner. This can even lead to bringing in new subscribers, in the event that those who have previously benefited from a loved one’s account have been kicked out by the account holder because it became too expensive.

This change in approach will cause confusion or anger among the subscribers concerned. Netflix, however, only applies its terms of use, which prohibit the sharing of passwords – and therefore of accounts. If the platform allowed itself to override when it triumphantly crushed the market, in 2016, the competition has since hardened. Like Netflix’s stance on accounts.

Source: Numerama editing

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