Voitures électriques : le problème, c

Voitures électriques : le problème, c’est l’autonomie, pas le prix ou la recharge

Every year, Shell Recharge Solutions, an offshoot of the eponymous oil company, carries out a study on EVs (electric vehicles). This year, 14,991 people were interviewed online, in 5 countries (1,587 for France), all owners of an EV.

And the results are somewhat counter-intuitive. Thus, it is not the high price of EVs (cited by 47% of respondents), nor the charging infrastructure (cited by 49% of respondents) that must be improved in priority, even if these aspects are of course cited .

No, what urgently needs to be improved for 57% of respondents is the range of EVs. However, we know that the vast majority of big battery cars are quite capable of achieving more than the average daily mileage of the French. However, as we often write on our pages, the charging infrastructure, and obviously in particular the fast charging terminals, is lagging behind in its development.

But no, nothing to do, we always come back to the problem of autonomy. It is therefore essential that manufacturers continue to focus on this aspect of the EV, while not forgetting the other two. 64% of French respondents say that knowing the autonomy of the EV is a mandatory prerequisite before buying (compared to 80% of the Dutch). One would have thought that 100% of buyers inquire about this essential data, this is clearly not the case.

Then, they are only 33% to mention the recharging speed, and 17% to cite the lack of choice of vehicles, in the points to improve.

We therefore understand that what matters, for people who have already chosen the EV for their daily life, is the number of km that can be traveled before recharging. Basically, electric yes, but with thermal autonomy, and incidentally a low price and terminals everywhere to recharge them, quickly if possible.

Other lessons from this study

We also learn that for a majority of EV owners (65%), the choice of a destination for the holidays, to go shopping or shopping, will be conditioned by the availability of charging stations on site. The terminal attracts the owner of VE, it is very clear, and this should encourage all vacation spots, hotels, campsites, department stores and shopping centers, to equip themselves with terminals.

Regarding the adoption of technology, it is better in 2022 than in 2021. Indeed, we have gone from 62% to 76% of owners who wish to renew their EVs, with another EV. 3/4 of drivers are therefore sufficiently satisfied with their current model to consider continuing with an EV. The reasons given are primarily the rise in the price of fossil fuels (62% of respondents), but also the very low cost of use (61% of respondents) and sustainability (72%).

We also learn that in France, 31% of EV owners have at least 4 different cards to access charging stations (36% at European level). And unsurprisingly, everyone is campaigning for interoperability to be a reality, even if less than 40% of respondents only want to have only one sesame.

Finally, 75% of those over 35 and 62% of the youngest believe that the EV is essential to protect the environment (62% of those under 35).

Source: Shell Recharge Solutions, EV driver survey report

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