[VIDEO] VIDEO. Circuit d'Albi : double record du monde de distance pour ARM Engineering

[VIDEO] VIDEO. Circuit d’Albi : double record du monde de distance pour ARM Engineering

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The company from Tarn made history by beating two world distance records with a zoé motorized with G-H3, a second-generation green fuel.

Even if it is not yet aware of it, the ARM Engineering team has made automotive history. She has just broken two world distance records with a vehicle powered by G-H3, a second-generation green fuel.
The first record, that of the hydrogen vehicle, was broken Tuesday evening at 8:25 p.m. And the second, the most important, that of the electric vehicle, was beaten at 9:42 a.m. yesterday morning.

The first record fell on Tuesday evening

But no question of stopping there for the team. Under the influence of excitement, they continued to drive to reach 2,000 km. A symbolic figure and which should not fall immediately. 400 km more than the old record.
Today in the paddock it was joy. The records were celebrated with dignity. “We went through all the states: fatigue, excitement, satisfaction,” comments Marc Lambec, the business manager.

They've been driving at 50km/h for three days

They’ve been driving at 50km/h for three days

Without confinement, there might never have been a record. It was during this period that Marc Lambec and his team took on a new challenge: finding a greener fuel. One morning, he arrives at the office and shares his idea with the team. “They answered me, it’s nonsense,” he says. However, months later, they have just proven that this solution is feasible. The G-H3 works. In addition to the fuel cell car, we could test the twingo equipped with a heat engine running on this fuel. G-H3 is made from 100% renewable materials (manure, plant residues, etc.) Its cost is lower, close to ethanol. Liquid, it can be distributed at the pump like conventional gasoline. Finally, much less fine particles and nitrogen dioxin come out of the exhaust.

The record broken, they continue to turn to reach 2000 km

The record broken, they continue to turn to reach 2000 km

Records broken, the company does not intend to stop there. “We have proven the effectiveness of our technology, now we want to take it to the next level”, explains Marc Lambec. Fundraising will be launched for the creation of a new company, ARM Energy. “We were waiting to beat these records to launch it,” says the Tarn company manager.
The company will aim to develop this technology for uses other than cars: construction, heavy transport, etc. ARM Engineering has already been approached by several local authorities for bus and barge projects, etc.
It also intends to work on the production of this new biofuel by getting closer to farmers, who practice methanization. But for that, they will need the chosen ones. Because they must obtain an exemption from the budget and finance ministers to exploit this biofuel on the ground. Despite the record, there are still a few brakes to overcome.

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