[VIDEO] Changement de ton à la TV russe : un ancien militaire émet des doutes sur son armée et la victoire du pays

[VIDEO] Changement de ton à la TV russe : un ancien militaire émet des doutes sur son armée et la victoire du pays

On the Russia 1 channel, a specialist in defense issues defended the Ukrainian army. An improbable scene, which testifies to certain doubts concerning the capacities of the Russian army to cope.

While for several weeks, we have been rather used to hearing threats, made on Russian television, in particular concerning the use of nuclear weapons, the tone was a little different this Tuesday, May 17 on the Russia 1 channel.

Indeed, in the extract, shared by LCI on Youtube, the Russian channel had invited Mikhail Khodaryonok, a former colonel in the Russian army. Asked as an expert on defense issues, the soldier did not hide his concern about Ukraine’s skills and strategy in terms of the army.

The situation “will frankly get worse”

He mentions in particular European aid, the increasing number of armed Ukrainian soldiers in the near future. “We must take into account in the operational and strategic calculation, that the situation with regard to us, will frankly worsen”, he says.

“The level of professionalism of an army is not determined by the number of people recruited for service but by the level of training, its morale and its willingness to shed blood for the fatherland (…)”.

Questioned by BFM, General Nicolas Richoux finds this television interview astonishing by the content of the remarks. “This freedom of tone is astonishing. Is it remotely controlled by the Kremlin? Probably. But it’s a staggering freedom of tone compared to the latest outrages,” he explains.

Surprising remarks

Indeed, the former soldier even goes so far as to question the information disseminated by Russia. “You shouldn’t get your hopes up. Sometimes information is spread that the Ukrainian army has a drop in morale, but these are isolated cases, you have to take the problem as a whole. The desire to protect its country, like there is in Ukraine, is going to make sure they are going to fight to the last man.”

If these comments are surprising, it is not the first time that Mikhail Khodaryonok has taken a position against the current. He had notably alerted to the obsolescence of the equipment of the Russian army, recalls BFM.

For its part, the Kremlin, on the other hand, asserts that Russia’s operation in Ukraine would succeed. “We are convinced that everything will be fine, that we will achieve our objectives,” said a spokesperson on Tuesday, May 17, reports 20 minutes. A different scenario from that depicted by Mikhail Khodaryonok.

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