Une vidéo improbable d'Erling Haaland en boîte de nuit fuite, la séquence fait parler

Une vidéo improbable d’Erling Haaland en boîte de nuit fuite, la séquence fait parler

This Saturday afternoon, Erling Haaland played his last match in the colors of Borussia Dortmund against Hertha Berlin. The Norwegian has received a very warm welcome from Marsupials fans. For the party to be total, Erling Haaland even scored a goal from the penalty spot. His last also before joining Manchester City in the coming weeks. A transfer eagerly awaited by football fans, curious to know how the former Salzburg striker will digest an arrival in a big club in Europe. Before going to England to sign his contract, Haaland took advantage of his Saturday evening to go out in nightclubs.

An outing that is causing a lot of talk on the Web.

Haaland, a hilarious behavior

Atypical and fascinating player, Erling Haaland’s smallest actions and gestures are often commented on by fans and other Internet users. On the pitch, the Norwegian does not cheat, which is appreciated by the fans. Outside, he is also very available to his fans. A bit too much maybe… In recent hours, a rather special video has indeed leaked on social networks. Haaland can be seen in a nightclub dancing in a Borussia Dortmund tracksuit with fans. His attitude and his unusual dance got people talking a lot. See instead:

Internet users react

This video of Erling Haaland in a nightclub in the tracksuit of his now former club therefore reacted on social networks.

On Twitter, we could see in particular as comments on the subject :

  • “Few things in life would be more surreal than meeting HAALAND in a nightclub haha”
  • “The guy is at 2am in a tracksuit in a club lol”
  • “* Grealish and Foden want to join the discussion”
  • “A natural player and not a robot who has a broom in the ass on and off the field”
  • “His girlfriend: ‘He’s probably cheating on me with other girls’ Him and his friends:”
  • “I can’t wait to see this guy go clubbing in Manchester, it would actually be the funniest thing ever”
  • “Haaland jumping in a disco in a Dortmund tracksuit is already one of my favorite videos”

At Manchester City, Erling Haaland will be expected at the turn by fans and observers.

The Norwegian genius quickly rose through the ranks and his transfer to Manchester City is a real milestone in his career. The challenge is exciting since the Citizens have never won the Champions League, a competition in which Haaland has not yet been able to really shine with Borussia Dortmund.. His performances in the Premier League will also be important for the club’s fans…


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