"Un tsunami d'inflation": pourquoi les prix du Kiri, de la Vache qui rit ou du Babybel vont augmenter

“Un tsunami d’inflation”: pourquoi les prix du Kiri, de la Vache qui rit ou du Babybel vont augmenter

The new general manager of the Bel group, owner of the Laughing Cow, Kiri and Babybel brands, believes that an increase in store prices is inevitable to cope with soaring costs.

Babybel, Kiri, Laughing Cow… In supermarkets, the Bel group assures us that a rise in the prices of its products is inevitable to cope with soaring production costs. “What we have in front of us is a tsunami of inflation”, assured this Thursday morning its new general manager, Cécile Béliot, on the set of BFM Business. Everything is going up for the portioned cheese giant: raw materials have climbed 37%, notably driven by butter and cream, while packaging has taken 30% and the cost of maritime transport has doubled, she said. reported.

In this situation, “we don’t have [d’autre] solution than to increase prices and to have a real transparent discourse vis-à-vis our distributors to ensure that the entire value chain passes the wave,” said Cécile Béliot.

“Optimize costs”

To limit the effects of inflation, the company is working to “optimize these costs”, to “seek productivity” or to “rethink” the products and their recipes, explained its general manager. Especially since the situation is very unstable and will evolve “every quarter” because “nobody knows what will happen in Ukraine”, she continued. “Nobody knows how far it will go, nobody knows if tomorrow we will have to do without Russian gas or not. And all of this will have chain consequences that we are starting to see”.

The group needs the supermarkets to concede these price increases to allow it to “survive”, assured Cécile Béliot. “Margins are now at a level that is extremely fragile. It’s us like the whole chain, it’s also true for farmers”.

Food insecurity

But will customers accept these price increases? The leader of the agri-food group, which has just finalized the acquisition of Pom’potes to continue its diversification into plants, believes that we “often mix two subjects when we talk about prices”. “There is a part of the population […] who is food insecure [et] who, when she walks into a supermarket, counts every penny. There, the state must play its part to help them,” said Cécile Béliot, in favor of the food check project, as well as the president of the FNSEA, Christiane Lambert.

But, she added, “there are also those who can put in the extra two or three euros to ensure that the whole chain gets through that wave and to ensure that farmers maintain their income”.

Jeremy Bruno BFMTV journalist

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