Un an après la reprise de Shadow par Octave Klaba, son directeur général, Éric Sèle, affiche ses ambitions

Un an après la reprise de Shadow par Octave Klaba, son directeur général, Éric Sèle, affiche ses ambitions

In the wake of Octave Klaba’s victory over Xavier Niel’s offer, he said on Twitter “want to build the best cloud gaming offer in the world”. How do you plan to achieve this?

The best cloud gaming offer in the world, I think we already have it. At least it’s done! We are often pigeonholed as people who stream games. We offer a complete PC platform on the cloud. And in this area, there are not many of us doing it in the world, we are even the only ones. But it is not because we are the only ones that we must be satisfied with what we do. Indeed, there are several capacities to be developed for this cloud computing offer for gamers, because their expectations are double or triple.

The first is to have the best experience once they are connected to the service, which is related to latency, GPU, CPU and storage issues. Until then, we had the Boost platform, which has become our standard and unique offer on the market. And this offer is the one we are going to transform with the announcements we have just made, with the launch of a Power option on this platform.

The second thing is geographic coverage, and that’s why we started today by migrating to the datacenters the equipment we had to guarantee this aspect of sovereignty that is dear to us. This means going to OVHcloud which is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) sovereign. As this company is also in the United States, we are also migrating to their American data centers and we will continue to open data centers. Recently we moved to Germany.

To satisfy gamers, there is obviously this notion of being a multi-platform support. In this sense, we continue to bring services, such as virtual reality which is today on Oculus but which we will try to generalize. But the thing that gamers, who are still experts, asked us the most about the new platform. They wondered what would be the new Ferrari that we were going to put on the market. It is this famous platform that we are announcing with the Power option. With this one, we are really going to take a step forward in terms of CPU and GPU.

The third thing, and which seems a bit anecdotal, is to try to offer these solutions to as many people as possible in a period when the market is still tight. This is why we have continued our strategic partnership with Nvidia, but we have also taken the opportunity to validate AMD solutions, so as to have a dual source, and thus promote the ability to access as many people as possible and , for us, access to components. Unfortunately, it’s not just GPUs in terms of components… Right now, all components are affected.

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