Twitter : Elon Musk va bien racheter le réseau social, mais pas comme on le croit

Twitter : Elon Musk va bien racheter le réseau social, mais pas comme on le croit

A few days ago, Elon Musk created a veritable media tidal wave by announcing the acquisition Twitter for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars. It seems, however, that he is not the only one on the spot. Explanations.

The underside of the deal

On April 25, Elon Musk officially bought Twitter. A takeover that has caused a lot of talk, for good and for bad. While some hope that Elon Musk will return freedom of expression to users of the social network, others, on the contrary, consider it dangerous that the boss of Tesla and SpaceX owns Twitter in its entirety. We think in particular of the innuendoes of his rival Jeff Bezos …

However, a recent document sent to the American financial authorities responsible for validating or ratifying the takeover shows that Elon Musk is not alone in this takeover, and that he was on the contrary able to count on many supporters. In total, in addition to Mr. Musk, there are eighteen other investors, who participated with amounts ranging from 5 million dollars (Valérie Pécresse, if you read us) to 1 billion dollars. Thus, of the estimated $44 billion for the takeover of Twitter, $7.139 billion would not come directly from Musk’s pocket.

Be careful though: if Elon Musk is not alone on the spot, contrary to what we initially thought, he is a winner on all points. Indeed, Musk personally asked for the help of investment funds, in order to reassure the board of directors of Tesla, following the loss of value (-10%) of the company, due to the choice of the billionaire to resell shares in order to have the sufficient sum to buy back the social network.

If he aims to protect the market value of Tesla, Elon Musk plans to personally invest $ 21 billion in the takeover of Twitter. His goal is therefore always the same: to become the leader of a social network. Nevertheless, some new investors in the social network could tarnish the image of Twitter a little more, and a fortiori of Elon Musk. Because if the billionaire was able to count on the support of a billion dollars from Larry Ellison, who is known to be the founder of Oracle, it also benefits from support from Qatar Holding LLC ; we also know that Saudi Prince Al-Walid Ben-Talal, who wishes to remain in the capital of the social network, will invest 35 million of his Twitter sharesan amount estimated at 1.9 billion dollars, thus exceeding that of Larry Ellison.

Thus, Elon Musk, who when announcing his takeover announced that he wanted to restore freedom of expression to Twitter users, must justify having used investment funds from countries where freedom of expression is restrictedand thus prove Jeff Bezos wrong.

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