Twitch : la streameuse gaming Maghla devient l'égérie d'une grande marque de luxe

Twitch : la streameuse gaming Maghla devient l’égérie d’une grande marque de luxe

business news Twitch: the gaming streamer Maghla becomes the face of a major luxury brand

Already very popular for the content she produces and for the community she mobilizes, the streamer and content creator Maghla has taken a new step: she has been chosen as the face of Yves Saint-Laurent, the French luxury brand.


  • Maghla muse of Yves Saint-Laurent
  • The luxury that is interested in video games? The idea is not new

Maghla muse of Yves Saint-Laurent

Maghla is one of the queens of French streaming. On Twitch, she regularly broadcasts many video games live, although he has a particular attraction for horror games. In any case, her streams are a hit and make her one of the most followed French content creators on the platform with more than 650,000 followers : for comparison, Stars has 677,000 followers and MisterMV has 778,500. A popularity and personality noticed by Yves Saint-Laurent. Indeed, the French company specializing in luxury has decided to choose the streamer as the face of its new mascara:

The luxury that is interested in video games? The idea is not new

By partnering with Maghla, Yves Saint-Laurent shows that he is interested in the world of video games (and the gaming influence here by extension). It’s not the first (and probably not the last) luxury brand to show interest in the sector. Last September, the haute-couture brand Balenciaga joined forces with the game Fortnite by integrating several of its cosmetics. In October 2020, it was Longchamp who took a spin on Pokémon GO during a week-long event that took place during the Fashion Week. Finally, we can also mention Louis Vuitton. In 2019, she partnered with League of Legends to create the world championship trophy trunk as well as a clothing collection. In addition, the brand had chosen the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII Lightning as its muse in 2015.

In addition to brands specializing in luxury, ready-to-wear in general is also interested in the world of video games. For example, Celio and Uniqlo regularly carry out collaborations with major licenses: Pokémon, Mario, Donkey Kong… In 2007, some will also remember that The Sims 2 then hosted an extension called Kit H&M Fashion: real reproductions thus integrated into the game and it was even possible to open a shop. A similar initiative was carried out the following year with an extension around Ikea furniture. In an interview with the Guardian, the one who at the time was in charge of marketing for the Swedish brand said that “for us, The Sims 2 represents a broadcast medium. It’s a great way to reach young people.“A finding that still applies today.

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