Transition. Effondrement de 83 % du nombre de chantiers de rénovation ! - Insolentiae

Transition. Effondrement de 83 % du nombre de chantiers de rénovation ! – Insolentiae

You know, in economics there is one thing that is never wrong: the “good deal”.

In my little corner of Normandy, people are not rolling in gold, so they know the prices of everything very well and when a promotion is good or a price represents a “good deal”, then people rush above.

If you arrive in front of a supermarket shelf and you are wondering which reference to choose, take the one with the least product left, it is generally the best value for money, because economic agents, when it is their money it is, are much smarter than all the Enarque technocrats put together.

Energy renovation: the reduction in aid paid to households reduces the number of requests

“The number of insulation and heating replacement operations financed by the CEE Coup de Pouce aid would have decreased by 83% between the 1st half of 2021 and the 1st half of 2022.

Fewer and fewer households are embarking on energy renovation work. In question: the reduction of certain aids. A situation that worries professionals in the sector.
The decline in some aid for energy renovation worries professionals. The reductions relate in particular to the Energy Saving Certificates (CEE) system. Premiums are paid by energy sellers, who are subject to energy saving obligations, under penalty of penalties. Thus, some premiums have drastically decreased, Capital reports.

The technocrats would have asked me the question that I could have told them that no energy saving work today is profitable.


They know it very well, moreover, and it is for this reason that certain ecologists, not the historical channel but the punitive channel, want energy to be even more expensive. It was this approach that had pushed the government to put a higher carbon tax triggering the Yellow Vests movement by raising diesel.

The problem with this reasoning is that it is economy in a room of scamps!

Why ?

Because if you raise energy prices too much, a single company can no longer produce while remaining competitive, and this goes from restaurants to agri-food SMEs.

If you do not increase energy prices by multiplying them by 10, then no insulation work or change of boiler is really profitable!

Conclusion ?

We need bonuses!

And there it is up to the State to choose the bonuses it pays!

Either we do energy checks or we do insulation checks.

You obviously have to be enarque, not to realize that by doing an insulation check I will spend less energy in the future so I will have fewer energy checks to do!

But since we’re ruled by acorns, they’ve decided to cut insulation aids to help keep you warm with energy checks.

When we are dumb… we are…

Charles SANNAT

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