Tibo InShape : Le Youtubeur fitness prêt à montrer les muscles sur League of Legends ?

Tibo InShape : Le Youtubeur fitness prêt à montrer les muscles sur League of Legends ?

Personality News Tibo InShape: The fitness Youtuber ready to show the muscles on League of Legends?

As you know, Youtube hosts as many types of videos as there are videographers. Among the themes that have the most wind in their sails are fitness videos, brought to the French-speaking world by Thibaud Delapart, better known under the pseudonym of Tibo InShape.

But we know, youtube trends go fastand some creators feel the need to diversify to continue their activity more serenely. Many of them have adopted social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to offer other formats.

Tibo InShape on League of Legends? The youtuber wonders

They are, however, fewer in number to offer something completely different and yet this is indeed what could happen with Tibo InShape, the fitness youtubersometimes controversial, the best known in France from the height of its 8.57 million subscribers. Widely highlighted by his sports videos, his humorous TikTok made with Juju Fitcats and by his formula “huge and dry”Tibo InShape seems to wonder about the chance to get into one of the competitive games most popular in the world: League of Legends. In a recently posted tweet, the videographer asks if he could start to play League of Legends today, and if that would force him to “say goodbye to (one’s) life”.

Already appeared on Twitch where he has the status of partner, notably playing CS:GO and endowed with 179,000 followers, Tibo InShape is not known for having made his talents as a player speak, which earned him some teasing, benevolent most of the time. His question is therefore all the more legitimate since League of Legends is a demanding title, which requires long hours of practiceregular sessions, and the ability to stay calm.

And finally, why not?

If the fitness youtubeur seriously embarks on the Riot Games MOBA, will he succeed in keeping his activity? Nothing is less sure. A concern expressed by the latter, who indicated that his main fear is to appreciate too much the game. That being said, it could successfully tie the two together if Riot Games shows interest in a partnership, and attract a new audience, while showing that you can be a sportsman AND a diligent player. It only remains to know if it will actually launch or not, and if confirmed players will come to help him to progress or not.

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