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Tesla Superchargeurs : pourquoi tant de bornes sont vandalisées ?

Tesla employees have been complaining about damage to Supercharger terminals for some time now. We have already seen in Germany, for example, charging sockets being “neutralized” with minced meat. In all, we know that in the country about 17% of charging stations are affected by the phenomenon.

However, the problem also affects other countries. On Reddit, Tesla customers share photos of terminals on which the cables are cut. In several images we can see that the vandals scrupulously avoid CCTV cameras.

A worrying number of degradations targets Tesla Superchargers terminals

Only terminals that are not visible to security cameras are degraded. The underlying reasons for these degradations are not really known. According to witnesses, these incidents are frequent. Despite the diligence of Tesla employees who repair the affected terminals as quickly as possible, the charging stations quickly find themselves vandalized.

A Cincinatti redditor explains: “Someone keeps cutting supercharger cables at Cincinatti Meijer station. The tech was there when I was there and he told me it happened a day earlier as well. The CCTV cameras only cover four terminals which are spared each time”.

Someone keeps cutting the SC Cables at the Cincinatti Meijer. Tech showed up while I was there and said it happened the day before as well. Camera only can see last 4, which are never cut. from teslamotors

Elsewhere, the InsideEV site also reports damage to terminals in Los Angeles, in particular installed in parking lots and in other stations – arousing the ire and misunderstanding of customers. One thing is certain in any case, the perpetrators of these misdeeds do not necessarily always do so for profit – after all these cables contain a lot of copper, the price of which has exploded in recent years.

We can indeed see that the cables are often cut in the middle, without visibly trying to maximize the amount of copper. On other images, the cables are nevertheless cut at the base. So the mystery remains. Why do you think these deteriorations? Is this the manifestation of a fundamental anti-electric car movement?

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Or proof that these terminals need to be better protected against cable theft, for example by installing more security cameras? Share your opinion in the comments of this article!

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