Sur la guerre en Ukraine, la France et l’Allemagne marquent leurs différences avec les Etats-Unis

Sur la guerre en Ukraine, la France et l’Allemagne marquent leurs différences avec les Etats-Unis

“Never give in to the temptation of either humiliation or the spirit of revenge”, repeated Emmanuel Macron, Monday, May 9, before going to Berlin for the first trip abroad of his second five-year term. The Head of State was speaking on the occasion of the closing, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, of the Conference on the future of Europe. He took the opportunity to distance himself from the voices in the United States suggesting taking advantage of the war in Ukraine to permanently weaken Russia, so as to prevent any belligerent plans on its part.

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At the end of a recent trip to kyiv, at the end of April, the American Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, explained that the objective was henceforth to “to see Russia weakened to the point that it could not do the things it did by invading Ukraine”. Such a prospect is not to the taste of Paris, where it is considered incompatible with the security interests of Ukraine and, more broadly, of the European continent. “Words are spreading about the possibility of a Russian strategic defeat. But no one knows what that means.” confides a senior diplomat, warning against this kind of approach.

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For a “negotiated peace”

While suggesting creating a “European political community”likely to unite around the European Union (EU) the countries that aspire to join it, Ukraine in the first place, the French president continues to plead, in the long term, for a “negotiated peace” with Moscow, after a ceasefire still unattainable at this stage, while fighting rages in the Donbass. For him, despite the delivery of heavy weapons to kyiv, there is no question of letting the conflict rot unduly with the idea of ​​weakening Russia. The priority remains, if possible, to restore Ukraine to its historical borders, or at least to those before February 24, the date of the Russian invasion.

The Head of State considers that it is up to the Ukrainians to determine their war objectives and the conditions for a possible resumption of negotiations with Moscow, which is currently at an impasse. Not to their European or American allies. “It is up to Ukraine alone to define the conditions for negotiations with Russia”, explained the Head of State from Strasbourg. The idea, seen from France, is to vouch for Ukrainian security, while restoring, in the longer term, that of the entire European continent. “Our responsibility is to obtain a ceasefire without the conflict spreading to the rest of European soil. (…) But tomorrow we will have a peace to build. Let’s never forget it”did he declare.

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