Stock PS5 : Sony et Amazon remettent en vente la PS5. Les stocks en direct

Stock PS5 : Sony et Amazon remettent en vente la PS5. Les stocks en direct

PS5: Finding a PS5 is a bit of a feat in 2022, although the console has celebrated its eighteenth month. Despite everything, there are big restockings this Wednesday with in particular the arrival of Playstation 5 packs at Sony and Amazon.

[Mis à jour le 18 mai 2022 à 10h12] The PS5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular objects of the moment. Sony’s next-gen console offers high-level performance at 120 Hz and 4K for a very reasonable price, not to mention the big exclusives that delight Playstation players (Horizon, God of War, Last of Us. ..). But the coronavirus pandemic and its effects are still being felt in the home console market, which has been virtually sold out since its release just under two years ago. To get one, you have to jump on the restocking. Those for this Wednesday are at Sony and Amazon, for now.

Stock monitoring for Monday May 16 live

  • 10:11 a.m.: The PS5 will be back in a few minutes on the Sony website. You must have received an invitation to participate in the sale. To register for an upcoming opportunity, follow this link.
  • 9:40 am: Out of stock at Amazon
  • 09:10: The PS5 available at Amazon DE
  • 07:00 : The PS5 is available for sale used and new at Rakuten at full price (see below), we will have to wait for other restockings.

We keep an eye on the side of CDiscount, Micromaniaand the Fnac. If the restocking is not done in the morning, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the afternoon or the day of Wednesday to find the PS5.

How to buy a PS5 in 2022?

After a month rich in stock for the Sony console, restocking is slowing down, except for a few copies put on sale by Auchan on Monday. But the situation is a good omen for potential buyers of the Playstation 5, who are seeing an increase in the “drops” of the console. If you want to prepare effectively for the next restocking (which will probably take place this Tuesday morning), you can always consult the various tips, techniques and buying advice on our article below:

It is also possible to regularly find stocks of PS5 at Rakuten. However, the console is sold there at a high price. We only recommend this option if you really can’t get your hands on the PS5 at its base price (when it is available).

No PS5 until 2024?

The month of May starts with bad news that can be found in a CNBC article. In a recent interview with Pat Gelsinger, the CEO of Intel, the newspaper posed the sore question, and asked for an estimated duration of the shortage of semiconductors which penalizes the computer markets, home consoles and of the automobile. The answer is not very reassuring:We believe the global semiconductor shortage will extend into 2024, despite our previous estimates (2023), as shortages are now hitting equipment and some production lines will be under severe pressure.“Bad news for the market for home consoles and graphics cards.

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