Starfield, Kojima... Qu'attendre de la soirée de lancement du Summer Game Fest ?

Starfield, Kojima… Qu’attendre de la soirée de lancement du Summer Game Fest ?

The launch date for the Summer Game Fest has finally been revealed. It is from June 9 at 8 p.m. that the traditional summer announcements in the chain will begin. For one evening, Geoff Keighley will once again take charge and, given last year’s launch, we can already expect a big event. So what can this evening of June 9 have in store for us? Back to the most probable hypotheses and the craziest dreams.


  • Starfield to replace Elden Ring?
  • Kojima, Jedi Fallen Order 2… Who will be the stars of the evening?
  • Hollow Knight Silksong, Sonic Frontiers… And why not?
  • Breath of the Wild 2, Hogwarts Legacy… Those who may be missing

Starfield to replace Elden Ring?

As we saw last year, Geoff Keighley’s evening is a veritable melting pot of announcements and images of all kinds. Between two classified ads or additional information, we will most certainly be entitled to three or four particularly striking trailers. Well let’s start with the most memorable, the highlight of the show: the game that could end the evening.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

We still remember the images from Elden Ring that closed the evening last year. A finish expected who had been able to get everyone to agree and make the little hearts of many players vibrate. Who will therefore be able to produce the same effect on June 9? If we’re looking for a big game that we haven’t seen much about despite its fast approaching release date, we’ve found one: Starfield. It remains to be seen if Xbox and Bethesda will release their little gem for the occasion. Because apart from a big surprise announcement, it’s hard to find another game that could produce this beautiful effect worthy of the most beautiful final bouquets of fireworks.

Kojima, Jedi Fallen Order 2… Who will be the stars of the evening?

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

If we do not see them playing this role, other games still have the potential to make an impression during this evening. According to some rumors in the hallway, we could notably expect some pretty images from Quantic Dream. Indeed, the insider AccountNgt mentioned a possible announcement of a new narrative game during the Summer Game Fest. As for the expected Star Wars Eclipse, we are unlikely to see it point the tip of its nose. Announced at the Game Awards 2021, it still has several years of development left before it really takes shape. Suffice to say that Quantic Dream probably has no more to show than at the time of the last event also presented by Geoff Keighley.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

But rest assured Star Wars fans, there’s another game in their favorite universe that’s in the works and hasn’t shown up yet: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2. If the game hasn’t been officially announced yet, this opening night seems like the perfect time to do so. Especially since many expected to see the first images on May 4, a day dedicated to the Star Wars universe. It must be said that time is running out since, according to information from journalist Jason Schreier, the title would be in development for a little while and should be released in 2023. The announcement should therefore not be long. It remains to be seen if Electronic Arts will keep it for a separate conference or if it will give us this little gift on June 9th.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

As for the other announcements, it is difficult to make predictions. All the quality of a good ad is often based on surprise. But there is still a title that is shaped in the shadows and that we can expect to see during the Summer Game Fest: the next Kojima. Last year, rumors were swirling about it. It must be said that Hideo Kojima is very good friends with Geoff Keighley who had also announced that he would be present during the evening (where he finally revealed Death Stranding Director’s Cut to us). Additionally, Kojima is constantly posting cryptic photographs on his Twitter, which many see as teasers for his upcoming game. The creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding has also started again recently. Yet another false hope or real teaser for an upcoming announcement? We will see that on June 9.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

In addition to the novelties, there are other games that are talking about them at the moment and which could therefore make their appearance. We think in particular of Everywhere, the ambitious game of Leslie Benzies (GTA) formalized in 2020. If the title was rather discreet since that year, it returned to the front of the stage recently thanks to the leak of a document. With the Summer Game Fest approaching, this timing is still quite intriguing. Especially since a priori, the project has been in the pipeline for five years now. So it seems like the right time to finally unveil the first images of this real-life Ready Player One. (as described).

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

If we go to the games arousing a strong enthusiasm, we have another one all found: The Day Before. As the most wishlisted game on Steam, the MMO inspired by The Last of Us and Tom Clancy’s The Division obviously has high expectations. Unfortunately, with only a few weeks left before its release, players were treated to bad news: a postponement to March 1, 2023. But the reason still serves as a great consolation. If The Day Before is postponed, it’s because the game will finally run on Unreal Engine 5. If this decision was made a while ago, the developers might have some pretty cool footage to show us. A video showing both the performance of the Unreal Engine 5 and the gameplay of this The Day Before would have no trouble getting us a good “wow”.

And why not a little Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) for a video announcement? Or even confirmation of the “Nero” project, supposed to mark the return of the famous Mafia saga according to Kotaku? There are many games that could give us a good big slap in the face to start the festivities on a high. And that’s just for the huge announcements, the ones that will go down in history for the majority of players. Because there will be plenty of others, less important for the general public, but which will still delight some.

Hollow Knight Silksong, Sonic Frontiers… And why not?

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

During the evening of the Summer Game Fest, there are indeed not only huge announcements, even if it remains a question of point of view. For example, while many will watch a potential Hollow Knight: Silksong announcement without paying much attention to it, others will see it as the announcement of the year. This Arlesian from the Nintendo conferences is eagerly awaited by players who enjoyed the first opus. Over the Nintendo Direct, they had to swallow our false hopes, not without a certain sadness. But after all, weren’t they wrong to expect it from Nintendo? Little bird has become very big and is now legitimate to be on the program of a Summer Game Fest. We admit it, this hypothesis is above all a desperate appeal in the face of this announcement which does not decide to arrive. But after all, we are no longer one disappointment.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

Coming back to the more likely games, we can hope for some news from DotEmu. The publisher specializing in old-school games took advantage of last year’s evening to present its Metal Slug Tactics to us. One can easily imagine that if the editor has something to present, he will do it that evening. This can be a new game, or news of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge which should also soon find a specific release date.

Because yes, the Summer Game Fest evening is also an opportunity to discover new images or information on the games to come in the coming months. And for once, there is a good package. The little Planet of Lana, unveiled during the last launch party, may have the right to new images and a release date. The same applies to Sonic Frontiers and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. And since we are talking about Warner Bros., why not hope for new images of Gotham Knights, scheduled for October 2022. Steelrising, the new Spiders game, notably honored at the Game Awards 2021, could also take the opportunity to raise interest a few months before its release.

As for the section devoted to updates of the games of the moment (with Among Us at the top of the list last year), we could bet on Lost Ark, whose porting in the West had moreover been announced during the last Summer Game Fest. We are also not immune to a small point on the news on the Warzone side or any other multiplayer game of the moment.

Breath of the Wild 2, Hogwarts Legacy… Those who may be missing

The problem with this kind of event for which we know neither the program nor the partners, is that we are almost sure to be wrong in the predictions, as the possibilities are numerous. In the end, it is less risky to advance on the announcements which will not be present. It’s simple, the big publishers and manufacturers should keep their exclusivities to themselves.

Besides Starfield, which has the potential for an Elden Ring, Xbox and Bethesda are expected to save their little babies for their June 12 conference. And the list is long: Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, Project Mara, The Elder Scrolls VI, Fable, Everwild… Here are as many names that, if they show up, will do so later in the week.

Starfield, Kojima... What to expect from the Summer Game Fest launch party?

If Sony’s State of Play has not yet been announced, just like Big N’s Nintendo Direct, we suspect that the two behemoths will also speak during the month. It is thus difficult to see them getting rid of a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 or a God of War: Ragnarok. Same fight for Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy. If it is not an exclusive PlayStation, it is however the Japanese firm which deals with the communication of the title from the beginning and it is difficult to see them let go of the piece now.

Also note that the Summer Game Fest is primarily an event focused on Western gamers. Admittedly, last year, we had the right to images of Tales of Arise, but the latter acted as anomalies in the middle of this American-centric event. As for Japanese games, you will most certainly have to wait for the conferences of specific publishers (Square Enix, Bandai Namco, etc.) or the Tokyo Game Show.

Regarding from A Plague Tale: Requiem and Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, but also American Arcadia, As Dusk Falls Immortality, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, The Cub, Thirsty Suitors and Venba, we know that they will not be present since they are already there featured in the June 10 Tribeca Games Spotlight.

In view of what Geoff Keighley and his band served us last year, this evening promises to be full of surprises. If the rumors of the corridor and the news allow us to consider the presence of certain titles, we only ask to see novelties and unexpected games. Because that’s what makes the beauty of this kind of event, even if everyone has their own little expectations. And you, what are yours?

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