Stade Toulousain : quelles leçons faut-il tirer après l'élimination en demi-finale de la Coupe d'Europe ?

Stade Toulousain : quelles leçons faut-il tirer après l’élimination en demi-finale de la Coupe d’Europe ?

the essential
The march was too high to eliminate a third Irish province. But the people of Toulouse did not waste their time.

The exceptional is by definition an exception. It went without saying that retaining his title of European champion would be just as much a feat as having achieved the double last season. Remember that ten years passed between the fourth and fifth star. But over time, with a fourth consecutive European semi-final, Toulouse is right. However, it will be necessary to recover from this feeling of helplessness. Especially when it’s the second time at this stage of the competition against the same opponent and especially when you’re more used to a reverse situation.

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In the end, let’s agree that this is not a failure in capital letters. Especially against such a team whose superiority everyone in the Toulouse camp has recognized. Nothing seems to be able to stop such a machine which however suffered two strokes of fate at the start of the meeting with the counter of Dupont and the exit on injury of the right pillar Furlong.

Now, the question is what lessons to learn and how to do better, knowing that the competition will evolve with the arrival of three South African franchises?

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An energy-intensive Top 14

But everything does not depend only on the Toulouse club. Remember that the Top 14, very homogeneous, and full of duplicates, is rather a handicap when, in its championship, Leinster can rotate as it pleases, according to the calendar of the European Cup or the national team of Ireland. The Top 14 is energy-intensive. Even more so this season with the wave of Covid which led to matches being postponed during free dates, limiting the rest time of internationals but also of others who held the house during the Tournament.

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That’s how it is but it goes better by saying it: the Irish teams leave with an advantage before each European Cup. So, of course, the two teams had an almost equal number of internationals in their squad and certainly the Blues had beaten the Greens during the last Tournament. But let’s remember that the XV of France experienced cold sweats at the end of the match and we are waiting for the next Tournament and a trip to the Aviva Stadium…

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Then, it is advisable to grant oneself an easier calendar of the final phases by obtaining a better classification at the end of the first phase. The qualification at the bottom of the Stade class offered him final phases in the form of passes outside the categories with each time a qualification to be snatched from the outside. Stade left a lot of juice in the eighth leg against Ulster. He left even more in the quarter-finals against Munster with in particular this extension which weighed on the legs in the semi-finals.

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Admittedly, the champion had a match lost by forfeit against Cardiff but he especially lost places in the standings by losing to Wasps…

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Before any purely tactical analysis, these are the first lessons that can be learned. Knowing that, even if he lost this match, the Stadium surely did not waste his time…

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