Somalie: Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud élu président au troisième tour

Somalie: Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud élu président au troisième tour

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Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud was elected Sunday, May 15, President of Somalia after a marathon vote in the third round of voting. He had led the country from 2012 to 2017. He faced outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, says Farmajo.

Parliament officials counted more than 165 votes out of 329 in favor of ex-president Mohamoud. Five after his departure, he returns to the head of state after this victory against the outgoing president. This is revenge for Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud and a first in Somali political history, points out our regional correspondent, Florence Morice.

Never before has a president served a second term in Somalia. Even if in the country, the vote is based on the dynamics of complex alliances. Several analysts had predicted that given the crisis that is shaking the country, Somali parliamentarians would rather choose a known figure, and not a new face.

In recent months, Hassan Cheikh Mohamoud has been very present on the political scene and has played a key role in the opposition to the outgoing president. Among his flagship campaign promises is that of restoring relations between the Somali federal government and member states. Under Farmajo, these relations were often very conflictual to the point of hampering the smooth running of the country and even of the presidential election.

Hassan Cheickh Mohamoud’s first term was marked by some advances in security against the Shebabs. However, relaunching this fight is one of the major challenges that this new president will have to take up. A sign of this fragile context, mortar fire was heard on Sunday afternoon, near Mogadishu airport where the vote was taking place.

Farmajo contested after the extension of his mandate

Farmajo’s mandate had expired in February 2021, without an agreement with regional leaders on the organization of new elections. The two-year extension of his mandate by the deputies in April 2021 had sparked fighting in Mogadishureviving the memory of the decades of civil war that ravaged the country after 1991. The last few months have also been marked by a growing rivalry between Farmajo and his Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, whom he had asked to organize the elections.

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