Silent Hill : Plusieurs jeux en préparation dont le remake d’un épisode très apprécié des fans

Silent Hill : Plusieurs jeux en préparation dont le remake d’un épisode très apprécié des fans

Game News Silent Hill: Several games in preparation including the remake of an episode much appreciated by fans

For the past few days, fans of the Silent Hill franchise have been holding their breath. After years of speculation and questioning, it looks like things are seriously looking up for Konami’s series. Indeed, several leaks – rather credible – seem to confirm the existence of many projects revolving around the saga initiated on PlayStation. And among these projects, there would be a certain remake of Silent Hill 2!

Just recently, Silent Hill fans heard about a possible return of the second episode. Released on PlayStation 2, Silent Hill 2 had made an impression with its remarkable staging, its incredible music by Akira Yamaoka and its masterful script. Considered by many to be the best representative of the franchise, he has often been the subject of rumors, but these have never been verified. But the latest tremors could put a smile on the face of many fans.


On Twitter, insider NateTheHate2 reports that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is in development at Bloober Team studios. The latter, at the origin of titles like The Medium or even Blair Witch, would thus be hard at work to modernize the famous horror game of the PlayStation 2. In addition to the visual improvement, the interested party talks about revamped puzzles and several new endings for a title that would be exclusive, temporarily, to PlayStation consoles. NateTheHate2 goes even further by indicating that the Silent Hill projects would be interconnected, in fact including a new scenario and unpublished side stories. If nothing is confirmed for the moment, there are still a lot of elements that suggest that Silent Hill will return to the front of the stage soon. After the disappointment caused by the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s game (with the collaboration of Guillermo del Toro), the return of the franchise would be excellent news! Come on, fingers crossed (very strong)!

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