Silent Hill 2 Remake : Bloober Team (Blair Witch, The Medium) s’exprime et sème le doute

Silent Hill 2 Remake : Bloober Team (Blair Witch, The Medium) s’exprime et sème le doute

Game news Silent Hill 2 Remake: Bloober Team (Blair Witch, The Medium) expresses itself and sows doubt

This is the very big rumor of the moment: the Silent Hill franchise is about to be resurrected with three projects, including a remake of the second game entrusted to Bloober Team. The studio has rightly expressed itself, leaving some possible clues…

After Blair Witch and The Medium, Silent Hill 2?

Just yesterday, we warned you of a particularly solid rumor claiming that three Silent Hill projects were in preparation, including the remake of the cult Silent Hill 2. This would be operated by Bloober Teama Polish studio specializing in horror since behind the two Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch or, more recently, The Medium: the noises of the corridors suggest a visual improvement (obviously, there was a redesign), revamped puzzles and several new endings. The whole thing would even be temporarily exclusive to the PS4 and PS5.

In short, an attractive project despite the risk of tackling such a video game monument, whose heavy and imposing legacy is like walking on a minefield. Pending formalization, a member of Bloober Team was asked about the rumor in question: of course, he kicked in touch, but nevertheless left some clues…

Soon an announcement from Bloober Team

It was IGN who was able to speak with Piotr Babieno, head of Bloober Team, and who obviously couldn’t help but ask him what was going on with this remake of Silent Hill 2. The CEO obviously did not confirm the facts, but promised an announcement soon.

We cannot comment on what we are currently doing because we value the relationships we have with our partners. Really, we can’t say anything. We’ll make an announcement about our upcoming projects as soon as possible, so you can learn more…officially.

A turn of phrase that suggests that, yes, the Silent Hill 2 project could well be topical. He also spoke about the importance of creative freedom, for example in the context of such an order from a publisher:

It’s difficult, but we always explain it to our partners: “We would like to work on your franchise but by telling our own story.” If we can’t do that, we’re not creatively free and it won’t make sense because we can’t make a good game.

If you are locked in a prison, you cannot take flight. We have to be able to say to ourselves “OK, it will be a Bloober Team game and not that of another studio.” Even for the project that we can’t tell you about, it will indeed be a Bloober Team game.

That turns out well, since the rumors are precisely about new puzzles and even new endings, which could correspond to the freedom that Bloober Team needs. Fingers crossed for news soon.

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