Sebta et Melilia : la contrebande, c’est bel et bien fini (source autorisée marocaine) - Médias24

Sebta et Melilia : la contrebande, c’est bel et bien fini (source autorisée marocaine) – Médias24

“The Moroccan authorities will in no case allow the crossing points of Bab Sebta and Beni Ensar, after their reopening, to once again become channels for the flow of goods and contraband activities”, learns Médias24 from an authorized source.

This clarification removes, if necessary, any ambiguity after the announcement of the reopening of these two crossing points which will take place in two stages: May 17 and May 31.

Travelers will need to adhere to known shopping tolerances. The flow of goods as we knew them a few years ago will be prohibited and fought against. Contraband will not return. If a trader wishes to import goods, he will have to follow the normal legal route.

The end of smuggling in 2020 and 2021 generated an increase in customs duties estimated for the past year at 4 billion DH. But it’s not just that ; mention should be made of the destruction of jobs in Morocco.

According to a calculation made by Médias24 from official Spanish and European sources, around 945 million euros of goods were dumped on Morocco in 2017.

Sebta and Melilia are the two main entry points for contraband products to the Moroccan market. This smuggling mainly benefited large traffickers and had a very negative impact on the Moroccan economy.

The contraband from Sebta and Melilia seems so beneficial to the two cities that a large part of the products they import are destined to be dumped illegally on the Moroccan market.

Our estimates made it possible to reconstitute the equivalent of 5 billion DH of illicit imports from Sebta. For his part, Nabil Lakhdar, Director General of Customs, estimates the value of contraband from Sebta at between 6 and 8 billion DH per year. Depending on the year, the size of contraband from Sebta and Melilia can reach 15 billion DH, or even more according to Customs sources. The impact is health (absence of health checks at the entrance), on employment, State revenue, and establishes unfair competition vis-à-vis investors in Morocco.

The Moroccan authorities have created a commercial activity zone in Fnideq. This will accommodate goods that have entered legally and have undergone various checks, and will allow former smugglers to enter the formal sector. According to our sources, around ten companies operating in this field have been created as well as several thousand jobs.

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