Saint-Laurent : l'ambiance continue de se dégrader dans les établissements scolaires - Faits Divers en Guyane

Saint-Laurent : l’ambiance continue de se dégrader dans les établissements scolaires – Faits Divers en Guyane

A gang of armed young people watched the teachers at the end of class, at the Lumina-Sophie high school in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, following an altercation. A news item that is part of a long list of violence around the establishments of the western city.

Monday, 2:15 p.m., two children, aged 12 or 13 according to witnesses, cycle between cars in the parking lot of Lycée Lumina-Sophie. A teacher, who prefers to remain anonymous, asks them to leave and receives a barrage of insults in response. Under the impulse of a supervisor, the two boys end up leaving. The incident, sadly commonplace in schools in the city, could have ended there.

Except that at 5.30 p.m., the time when many of the staff leave, a dozen older individuals are present near the school.

Armed with sticks, they slow down vehicles and scan their occupants, visibly looking for someone according to people present at the scene. Seven of these young people, still equipped with makeshift weapons, will return the next day, even closer to school, to start their search again.

A long series of violence

If it is not possible to affirm with certainty the objective of these young people, among the staff all are convinced that they were on the lookout for the teacher who challenged the cyclists in the parking lot. The latter, for whom “the violence comes from outside our small high school “shows up” worry of its development on the city.

This incident is indeed only the latest in a series of events that have shaken for several years, with increasing intensity, national education in the western capital. From the stabbing of a teacher at Bertène-Juminer high school in September to the attempted arson of two colleges in recent months, the current school year has been particularly turbulent, without the staff seeing any lasting solution.

Vicious circle in the city

The situation seems all the more inextricable in the eyes of those involved in education as it goes beyond the school framework, of which it nevertheless affects all the components. “ Our kids are attacked. Two hundred meters from the school they are not safe “, Testifies a teacher, who takes as an example the recent robbery with a firearm of two students on their way to their day of classes.

The vicious circle is well known: from college, many students come to school armed, to protect themselves on the road, weapons which then increase the risk of problems within the establishments. ” We are building a prison that will be quickly shielded [au lieu] attack the problem at the root summarizes a resident, very involved in local life. ” The future of youth is not a priority for those in power. Yesterday it was convicts, tomorrow it will be the young people of Saint-Laurent who will be locked up, history has not taught us much. »

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