Le Stade Aurillacois se prépare à des départs

Rugby – Le Stade Aurillacois se prépare à des départs

Thursday evening, 23 Aurillacois will wear the Cantal jersey for the last time this season. The final meeting of the 2021-2022 financial year, the reception of Oyonnax will also see some players simply say goodbye to the club.

There are already formalized departures (Seyrolle, Roussel, Banquet). And then there are those about to be, and finally, others “hoped for” by the club, but whose situation has yet to be settled.

Biarritz will indeed buy out the Motoc contract

Announced in Biarritz by our colleagues from South Westlast Thursday, Adrian Motoc will indeed reach the Basque coast, as was able to be confirmed The mountain. About a month back, when the Noon Olympic had mentioned Biarritz interest, Christian Millette nevertheless held another position.

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The president had indicated that the Romanian 2nd line benefited from a clause for a departure “in Top 14”, recalling in passing that the tendency was not to maintain the Basques.

Pierre Roussel, captain of the Stadium, will leave Aurillac at the end of the season: “I would never have thought of making this career”

The BO relegated to Pro D2, the departure of Motoc was to take the lead in the wing. But the situation has changed. Biarritz will pay Aurillac a sum corresponding to the year of contract owed to the Stadium by the player.

Recently, President Millette indicated that he had decided to reduce the payroll by “700,000 euros”. According to concordant sources, Aurillac would need to make further savings on the total budget. Photo Jeremiah Fulleringer

What can pass for a reversal is in fact an opportunity on which the Aurillacoise presidency does not have the means to spit when it needs to reduce the payroll by “700,000 euros” for next year. And even…

Tsutskiridze to Paris, Javakhia pleases elsewhere

According to concordant sources, the club would need to make further savings on its total budget (around an additional 30 to 40%) and expensive transfers such as that of Motoc make it possible to reduce the wage bill while making bring fresh money into the coffers.

A situation that also concerns Giorgi Tsutskiridze. The Georgian 3rd line, under contract until 2023, will also leave the club and will play for his part in the Top 14. According to our information, Stade Français must buy out the player’s contract and offer him a two-year lease.

For the Stade Aurillacois, filling up with JIFF, what is the point?

In addition, elite clubs or candidates for the climb have thrown or are taking a look at the possibilities of doing their shopping in Aurillac.

According to sources close to the club, a member of the team has been probed for a potential departure. But Aurillac, listening for a time, would not have followed up, for lack of a financial proposal to meet expectations. Degrease, yes; make an effort, perhaps; but sell off: no.

Depending on the ups and downs, some players could still move with the game of clauses. Javakhia, which extended last year when it was followed by Mont-de-Marsan at the time, is thus of interest to a candidate for the climb.

A time dug, the Dylan Lam track abandoned

In the other direction, the situation should be extremely calm after the official loans of Rodgers and Kiteau and several extensions (Tison, Kartvelishvili, Plantier, Maituku, Valentin).

Aurillac once thought of the Dylan Lam track to strengthen as number 8 next season, but then gave up this option. Photo by Justine Bavois.

Aurillac had indeed activated several tracks for a reinforcement in 8, including one leading to Dylan Lam (ex-joker in Brive) but which did not materialize because too expensive.
In this position, the departure of Havili Kaufusi is recorded. At the end of the contract, the Tongan was no longer in the plans. And Aurillac locked Shvangiradze for two years (under Espoirs contract).

Roméo Gontinéac, Mathieu Lescure and Luka Nioradze extend with Aurillac, David Banquet on the start

Another player whose lease is ending: Sagote. The New Zealander is on the way out, while Adrian Smith’s situation is slow to be resolved. Sportingly, the staff would like to keep the hooker. It remains to be seen what the management will choose and, above all, what it is ready to do to keep it if necessary. It could depend on other departures yet.

Exit vouchers for players under contract

Because Aurillac seeks to free itself from players under contract and little used, even if it means not receiving compensation. The main thing is to tighten the workforce. Dubourdeau, however extended in 2021, will leave and La Seyne (future National 2) holds the rope to welcome him. Kuruibua, Yabaki, Reggiardo and Minguillon (non-exhaustive list) also have an “exit voucher”. Clearly, if a club wants to enlist them, Aurillac will do nothing to retain them.

Finally, concerning another Aurillacois for a time in the sights of a competitor, we are heading towards a status quo for Walter Olombel.

Despite advanced exchanges, Olombel will not go to Béziers

As revealed by The mountain, the sports director, originally from Hérault, was of great interest to Béziers, who intends to build on his image and his past. According to several concordant sources, discussions had been initiated between the ex-winger and his training club. To the point that after having been in contact with the Hérault leaders, the Aurillacois had met the Biterrois staff, in the sub-prefecture of Hérault, to see what collaboration was possible.

[Info La Montagne] Lewis Ormond and Stade Aurillacois separate by mutual agreement with immediate effect

These exchanges took place while the ASBH was preparing for the departure of David Aucagne (manager) and the head of the local training center. This alignment of the planets looked like a boulevard but the Cantalien’s contractual situation got stuck.

Olombel still owes a year of contract to Aurillac. And Béziers, whose finances are also constrained, does not have the budget line to pay compensation to Aurillac in this case.

Jean Paul Cohade

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