Rugby à XIII : Limoux bat St-Estève/XIII Catalan 36-4 et file en finale contre Carcassonne

Rugby à XIII : Limoux bat St-Estève/XIII Catalan 36-4 et file en finale contre Carcassonne

Limoux joins Carcassonne in the final of the French championship (Sunday May 22 in Narbonne) after his victory in the semi-final against St-Estève / XIII Catalan (36-4). The youth of the Catalans came up against the defensive mastery of the Audois.

The Limouxin leader did not stumble on the last step, that which leads to Narbonne (May 22) and the final against Carcassonne. Better organized collectively and above all faster in terms of execution, the Audois did not miss the “der” at the Aiguille of the two “monsters”, Maxime Herold and Mickaël Rouch. Two leaders who did not want to hang up their crampons on May 8 and who managed to postpone the deadline as a team.
This Sunday, the two opponents went blow for blow in the middle of the Aiguille which finally looked like the final stages.

And at major stake, exceptional commitment for actors who have used impacts in the four corners of the field. Where precisely the power of Herold, Yesa, the Vergniol cousins ​​and Pettybourne was the strongest.
If the start of the match was balanced, it was Limoux who was the most opportunistic. A left side in which the back Zac Santo is inserted allowed the Audois to open the scoring (6-0). This same Santo, under the fire of the candles of César Rougé quickly reassured his people, before launching the offensives. A new capital performance signed by the conductor of his family, helped it is true yesterday by a masterful pack.
If the start was a mixture of defiance and tactical options, the slightest fault was paid in cash.

In the twentieth, the action which was certainly the turning point of the match, saw Zac Santo save himself sixty yards. Mathieu Cozza is the only one to catch up with her but he keeps her on the ground for too long. It’s yellow for the Catalan pillar. On the following action, Pierre Louis Bourrel passes flush (12-0). Outnumbered, Romain Khedimi’s teammates succeeded in the resistance operation, even hardening the line with Tiaki Chan and Hugo Salalio. Without being dangerous, the Baby Dracs type in an airtight defense. Just before the break, Alexandre Bourrel went into a corner and already gave his side a 16-point lead.

After the break, Limoux was undisciplined with and without the ball which allowed the blood and gold of César Rougé to remain in the showdown, without reducing the gap sufficiently. In numerical superiority, the Catalans pushed by Corentin Le Cam and Hugo Tison worked to reverse the thread of a meeting which had already chosen its winner at the break. The reserve of the Dragons fell on stronger, but the logic of formation of the club can only feed on having lost vis-a-vis an opposition so well in place and whose qualification did not suffer any dispute.

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