REVUE DE PRESSE. Face au Munster, Toulouse gracié par le ‘‘miracle permanent’’

REVUE DE PRESSE. Face au Munster, Toulouse gracié par le ‘‘miracle permanent’’

They had already been on the verge of a heart attack against Ulster and well back! This Saturday, May 7, Toulouse supporters were once again able to test their stress resistance threshold. In the Champions Cup quarter-final against Leinster, the reds and blacks battled to return to the semi-finals. In the press, this completely crazy scenario has been praised as well as underlined. After the game, Rugbyrama headline about the French victory: “With the shots on goal, Toulouse adds drama to its qualification for the half! SUMMARY VIDEO. Champions Cup. The Homeric qualification of Toulouse after unbreathable shots on goal

An exclamation that shows the state of trance that has affected French rugby, at least those lined up behind the compatriot clubs. In the paper, the specialized media begins its analysis of the meeting in this way:

It therefore took almost three hours to find out the name of the qualifier between Munster and Stade Toulousain in an anthology quarter-final, in an Aviva Stadium in Dublin where the bright red jumped out, and where the suspense came add enormous character to this historic part. Because you had to go back to 2009 and a duel between Cardiff and Leicester to find traces of such an outcome on the European scene… who made the difference.”

For The Team, euphoria was also in its columns. But beyond the support given to a tricolor formation, it is the scenario of the match which is put forward. The sports daily describes the Irish afternoon thus: “It is not only in football that European Cup matches are exceptional. This Saturday afternoon, under the Dublin sun, Munster and Stade Toulousain offered a fantastic meeting, high in intensity, magnificent in uncertainty… We had to wait for the penalty shootout and the failure of Ben Healy to know the winner of this clash. And it was Toulouse who finally got away with it and who will play their fourth consecutive semi-final.” In its paper version, the newspaper also speaks of a “permanent miracle”. He even romanticizes the link between the defending champions and continental competition: “Toulouse loves this European Cup. She galvanizes him, seems to increase his energy tenfold, even though several players seemed at the end of their rope towards the end.CHAMPIONS CUP.  Future opponent of Toulouse, Leinster impressed the foreign pressCHAMPIONS CUP. Future opponent of Toulouse, Leinster impressed the foreign press

On the other side of the Channel, the reactions were more difficult for Munster. Solidarity between English speakers, Rugby Pass speaks in particular of apenalty shootout that breaks the heart of Munster.” The English-speaking media takes the opportunity to draw a parallel between this meeting and other posters entered into the legend: “Thanks to a dominant scrum, Toulouse finished strong with Lebel scoring twice and Ramos equalizing on a penalty in the 75th minute. Both Healy and Ramos missed their drop attempts during extra time. This thrilling quarter-final recalled the famous Cardiff-Leicester penalty shoot-out of 2009.

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