Retournement de situation : la vente de Chelsea menacée, Roman Abramovich prêt à aller jusqu'à la faillite ?

Retournement de situation : la vente de Chelsea menacée, Roman Abramovich prêt à aller jusqu’à la faillite ?

Everything seemed to be tied up. But the sale of Chelsea to Todd Boehly could ultimately prove more perilous than expected and fall into the water for the first time. The latest information from the UK now reports “worries” on the part of the British government on the funds obtained by Roman Abramovich if the deal were to succeed. The Russian president of the Blues had been pressured to sell following his links with the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, while the Kingdom United imposes significant sanctions on many Russian oligarchs and their assets, in the midst of the war in Ukraine.

Abramovich notably explained that he had not requested that the loan of 1.6 billion pounds made in his name be repaid to him at the time of the sale of Chelsea FC. A spokesman for the Russian had clarified that the Russian tycoon remained “determined“that the proceeds of the sale be remitted”to good causes“. What the British authorities now doubt as reported by the BBC or Sky News. “Two major points of tension remain: where exactly the proceeds of the sale will be held, and what legal guarantees will be issued to the government that the money will go to good causes.“, details a government source quoted by the BBC.

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Approval of the sale is now made difficult by the club’s ‘complicated’ ownership structure, and that £1.6billion debt that is believed to be owed to a company, Camberley International Investments, which is actually linked to Roman Abramovich. “A deal that would allow that money to be siphoned off during the deal would be a sanctions breach and is seen as the line not to be crossed by ministers“, insists the source of the government to the BBC.

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Problem: this delay in the sales process could completely derail it. Chelsea have an exceptional provisional license to continue to practice, granted by the British authorities, which expires on May 31. A deadline before the formalization of the sale, in order to see the club’s license be renewed for next season. “Deadlines exist at the end of the month and the beginning of June, which could see the club expelled from European competitions or even the Premier League, government sources insist to the BBC. But a good part of the sale must be made this week or next week.

This source referred to as “high placed“evokes a”serious concern“that Roman Abramovich is henceforth”ready to let Chelsea go bankrupt“. What the representatives of the former president of the London club have refuted to the BBC. This new uncertainty could complicate the future of the Blues, for their commitment next season, but also on their sporting strategy during the next transfer market. .

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