Renault Scénic Vision : voici comment sera le nouveau Scénic 100 % électrique

Renault Scénic Vision : voici comment sera le nouveau Scénic 100 % électrique

Renault took advantage of this month of May 2022 to unveil the Scénic Vision (2022), a hydrogen hybrid SUV with a range of 800 kilometers. It is a complete reinterpretation of the brand’s minivan. This concept car is actually the future Renault Scénic which will be launched in 2024 as a fully electric car.

Renault Scenic Vision (2022)

The next generation of fully electric Scénic is planned for 2024, but that no longer has much to do with the old Scénic concept. Renault has thoroughly revised its car with versatile use of interior space and still compact dimensions (L/W/H: 4490/1900/1590 mm; wheelbase: 2835 mm). At least that is what the Renault Scénic Vision crossover-like concept already suggests presented in May 2022.

It’s a concept car, not everything will be series

First thing to see: the format and the exterior design are quite close to those of the production vehicle. We will therefore find ourselves with the angular features and the expressive light design of the Renault Scénic Vision (2022) in future production Renault Scénics. We feel the inspiration quite broad, with the Spanish brand Cupra, but also some elements of the Ioniq 5 or German brands of course.

Inside, it’s much more spectacular. There is a large panel in futuristic colors that spans the entire cabin. They are constantly changing and thus bring dynamism to the interior. The wheel yoke could also come from a sci-fi movie and is reminiscent of the controversial Tesla steering wheel that can also be found on the Toyota bZ4X SUV.

The interior of the Renault Scénic Vision

Below the windshield is another screen that spans almost the full width of the vehicle and uses a camera to depict the entire area in front of the vehicle. This should increase the field of view by over 24%. A total of ten small touch screens are installed in the front row, they perform various functions. Widgets attached to interior door panels can be used to adjust seating position, for example.

Renault Scenic Vision (2022)

Several security technologies

Thanks to a new technology that Renault calls “Cocoon Airbag”, the dashboard is now narrow and minimalist. The air bags are housed in the seats and nestle around the body of the passengers in the event of an impact.

Renault Scenic Vision (2022)

Since accidents are almost always due to human error, Renault has fitted the Scénic Vision with three new technologies which together should reduce the number of fatal accidents by up to 70%.

The so-called “Safety Score” should soon find its way into the production models. The system evaluates the respective driving style and then suggests improvements to the driver. The “Safety Coach” warns the person behind the wheel of risks such as particularly winding roads or dangerous intersections.

Renault Scenic Vision (2022)

And under the name “Safe Guardian”, the manufacturer wants to offer a system in the future that uses sensors and a camera to monitor the driving ability and health of the driver. If, for example, the driver is too tired, signals are sent asking him to take a break.

A hybrid engine for 2030, 100% electric for 2024

But the real strong point of Scénic Vision is its engine. Renault gives a preview of a resolutely green hybrid engine. On a daily basis it is a normal electric drive, but over long distances the concept car has an ace up its sleeve compared to conventional electric cars. In addition to the battery and 218 hp (160 kW) rear motor, Renault has used a 16 kW fuel cell, which charges the battery while driving and sits directly behind it in the vehicle’s underbody.

Renault Scenic Vision (2022)

This hybrid engine would make it possible to travel up to 800 kilometers without stopping the charge. Only the 2.5 kg hydrogen tank positioned at the front needs to be refilled approximately every three hours. According to Renault, this refueling would take less than five minutes.

But Renault is also aware of the lack of infrastructure and the low availability of hydrogen, which is why the manufacturer does not believe that the hydrogen hybrid will be ready for mass production before 2030. Therefore, the version of production, available from 2024, will be presented as fully electric.

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