Réduire son budget auto : mission impossible, vraiment ?

Réduire son budget auto : mission impossible, vraiment ?

Soaring fuel prices, which resulted in a 39% increase for diesel and 26% for unleaded between December and March, constitute a real blow for motorists whose wallets are constantly in demand.

And when maintenance, insurance, tolls and eventual fines are added to that, the end of the month is difficult for many of us, especially in times of high inflation.

According to a study by the insurance rate comparison site ferrets published this Monday morning, 63% of motorists consider it difficult, if not impossible, to reduce their car budget, except to modify their lifestyle.

This is how 84% of people questioned have reduced their non-necessary journeys (or plan to do so), which is good news for air quality.

In addition, 41% think of turning to alternative mobility such as bicycles, while 37% are interested in public transport.

This also leads one motorist in three (33%) to use carpooling, a figure which rises to 66% among 18-24 year olds. We note in passing that BlaBlaCar, the sector leader, recorded record registrations in the first quarter.

Another underlying trend is the use of less polluting engines: the study tells us that 33% of motorists have bought or plan to buy a more ecological car, hybrid or electric, or even switch to E85.

But there is another important lever to bring into play, and which Caradisiac has already mentioned on numerous occasions. This consists of renegotiating your car insurance contract, which often has a strange tendency to increase year after year without any unfortunate event justifying it.

The author of these lines had experienced this himself a few months ago, presenting himself as a new client to his insurer, who then offered him a rate 52% lower than iso-guarantees (!) .

According to the study, 45% of motorists are considering reviewing their insurance contract, a figure that rises to 64% among 18-24 year olds. To do this, 33% of respondents say they plan to use an online comparator to find a contract at the right price. This is also the whole point of a site like lesfurets, with which Caradisiac co-publishes a regularly updated barometer of insurance prices.

While nothing suggests a fall in energy prices, and the price of raw materials is likely to continue to increase the price of cars and spare parts, it is interesting to use the insurance lever .

Other possibilities: reduce your speed by 10 km/h on the secondary network (about 15% fuel savings possible on a petrol city car), and carry out a good check-up of your car (-5% fuel). With the satisfaction of obtaining results fairly easily from the moment you take things into your own hands.

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