Privation, adaptation : quel impact a l'inflation sur la consommation des Français ?

Privation, adaptation : quel impact a l’inflation sur la consommation des Français ?

A study by Ipsos for the E.Leclerc Observatory of new consumption shows how the inflationary shock has disrupted the consumption habits of the French.

For 85% of French people, having quality food would be too expensive. Here is how the E.Leclerc Observatory of New Consumption introduces its large-scale survey, intended to provide an overview of the different behaviors linked to inflation, which has been increasing for several months. Unsurprisingly, the rise in prices is taking hold in the daily lives of almost all French people, since 96% of them say they feel it in their shopping basket. Purchasing power is in fact clearly affected, with nearly 8 out of 10 consumers (77%) saying that it has decreased in recent months.

Nearly 7 out of 10 French people go without fresh fruit and vegetables

The inflationary shock hitting French households has really changed consumer behavior. While the most sacrificed expenditure items remain leisure (66% of French people would deprive themselves of leisure because they are too expensive) and clothing (64%), food is the third most affected sector. Indeed, according to the Observatory, nearly 6 out of 10 French people (58%) have had to restrict their purchases of foodstuffs, due to the rise in prices. 46% of them have chosen to reduce their consumption of meat and fish, 38% fresh fruits and vegetables. Even more alarming, 69% of French people say they go without fruit and vegetables because they are too expensive, while this percentage increases among low-income households (81%).

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Faced with these dazzling increases, some are adapting their consumption, rather than amputating it. Thus, the survey underlines that 36% of French people simply buy cheaper products and that 23% spend in less quantity. However, the observation remains unanimous after several months of successive increases in consumer prices: the increase in prices and the refusal to consume certain products have led to a deterioration in the quality of food. Indeed, 87% of French people say they eat less well since they feel the inflation, and 66% even add that their health and that of their children are impacted.

Clearly, the recent variations in consumer prices in France have only degraded and weakened the purchasing power of the French, in particular that of the most precarious households, workers and young people. When 71% of French people say they are depriving themselves of certain expenses to limit the impact of rising food prices, the under 35s are 78%, workers 79% and low wages 83%. This situation is even likely to worsen even more in the months to come, not to mention energy and fuel, for which prices are already haunting consumers.

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