Prise en main du Huawei Mate Xs 2 : un beau bijou pour en mettre plein la vue

Prise en main du Huawei Mate Xs 2 : un beau bijou pour en mettre plein la vue

We were able to get our hands on the Huawei Mate XS 2, Huawei’s brand new folding device sold for 2000 euros. Here are our first impressions.

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No sooner had it been announced than we were already folding it in all directions. We tried Huawei’s latest. Presented on May 18, 2022, this new folding smartphone is called Huawei Mate XS 2.

The first point that immediately jumps to the eye is its central hinge. It is both super robust in hand – we feel that it is solid – while displaying absolutely no curvature where folding smartphones are used to offering. A great feat for tenfold comfort in the hand.

Second excessively striking element: the Huawei Mate XS 2 is a very thin smartphone to say the least once deployed. The Chinese giant is right to gargle about it. The phone is downright thinner (5.4 mm all the same) than a conventional phone. This is reminiscent of the prowess of a Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra which also impressed us with this aspect.

To continue on the smartphone in the unfolded position, its screen appears very fluid and very responsive, with no major display defects and beautiful vibrant colors.

It’s bent

Interestingly, it is again impossible to close this smartphone like a book, as offered by a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or an Oppo Find N for example. On the other hand, you can close it, or rather deploy it so that the screen hugs almost the entire body of the phone. When folded, automatically, half of the screen is plunged into darkness in order to save the battery.

Once the slab is folded up, a small feeling of clip is felt: the screen has joined the hard part of the phone located on its right. It is firmly anchored. The join seems to leave no space between the two parts of the screen folded on top of each other.

Level of comfort of use, once restored to its more classic format, the phone provides a grip a little between two chairs. We really feel a plastic and rounded effect on the left part of the phone which can be surprising at first, especially since the right part is rectangular. That said, there’s nothing you couldn’t live with after a bit of practice. The plastic is not inherently unpleasant in the hand. I even found its feel to be rather organic and natural.

Reverse the curve of the Mate Xs 2

Moreover, if you want to unfold the phone again to return to widescreen format, you have to go through a button with red print located on the rigid part of the phone. The problem is that when holding the phone folded, this button is on the back. Not necessarily the most practical.

As you will have understood, overall, the Huawei Mate Xs 2 is obviously a great feat and a real gem to see and hold in your hands. From there to say that this phone will allow its parent company to regain momentum on the smartphone market… With a price of 2000 euros, it goes without saying that the objective is above all to show its know-how. No more.

This article was produced as part of a press trip to Milan organized by Huawei.

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