Premier League : L'improbable scénario qui pousserait à une "finale" entre Liverpool et Manchester City

Premier League : L’improbable scénario qui pousserait à une “finale” entre Liverpool et Manchester City

It will be tense until the end. Led to Southampton on Tuesday evening, Liverpool reversed the situation to win on the lawn of the Saints (1-2) and maintain the suspense until the end in the title race of this exciting Premier League. The Reds, second in the standings, are still one point behind leaders Manchester City before the final day this weekend. It will see the two contenders for the title play at home on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.: Liverpool will be opposed to Wolverhampton, while City will host Aston Villa.

Here is the situation of the two clubs in the standings before this final day:

1. Manchester City – 90 points – 96 BP – 24 BC – Diff: +72
2. Liverpool – 89 points – 91 BP – 25 BC – Diff: +66

Premier League

“The title is improbable but possible and that’s enough for us”


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With only one point difference between the two teams, in favor of the Mancunian club, the hypothesis of a perfect equality cannot be ruled out even if City have widened a gap on goal difference. As a reminder, here is what the Premier League regulations provide for to decide between two teams in the event of a tie on points in the standings, in the order of the following criteria:

1. Goal difference
2. Best Offense
3. Better record in direct confrontations
4. Best away attack in direct confrontations
5. Play-off match to determine the champion

The record of Liverpool and Manchester City in direct confrontations is identical (draw 2-2 to go and return). This is what makes the prospect of perfect equality possible. For that to happen, City and the Reds need to have the same number of points, the same goal difference and the same number of goals scored. There is a scenario that would result in this case. It is incredible:

  • Aston Villa crushes Manchester City 6-0
  • Liverpool and Wolverhampton leave in a crazy draw: 5-5

In this highly improbable scenario, City and Liverpool would indeed have the same number of points (90), the same goal difference (+66) and the same number of goals scored (96) after 38 league days, and would then be decided by a play-off match in the form of a “final”. The Premier League have yet to agree a date in case this surreal scenario occurs, but the date of May 25 is being advanced by tabloid The Sun. Just three days before the Champions League final, which Liverpool must play at the Stade de France against Real Madrid…

Premier League

Liverpool snatch a suspenseful Sunday


Premier League

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