Plomberie, électricité, menuiserie : pourquoi vos travaux vous coûtent de plus en plus cher ?

Plomberie, électricité, menuiserie : pourquoi vos travaux vous coûtent de plus en plus cher ?

For several months, invoices published by craftsmen have exploded. While many French people want to start work at home, prices are increasing at a pace that is difficult to follow. We explain the reasons for the current outbreak.

“We can no longer commit to prices.” A plumber-plasterer on his own in the Gard, Fatah is disappointed. In the trade for several decades, the craftsman had never seen that. “For raw materials, we no longer have any fixed prices, he explains. We go to our suppliers one day and we don’t even know the prices we will find the next day. And even then, when we don’t don’t tell us about a shortage to come…”

Difficulties known by all building professionals and which take root in the current instability of the world. “The economic and geopolitical context remains a source of great concern for craft building companies. They are impacted by the consequences of the war in Ukraine, like many, particularly in terms of supplies and prices,” said Le Monde. craftsmen Jean-Christophe Repon, the president of the Confederation of crafts and small construction companies (CAPEB).

Double-digit inflation in all sectors

According to figures from the media dedicated to the news of the profession, the outbreak concerns all sectors. Thus, according to the average recorded over the first four months of 2022, “joinery-locksmithing recorded the most significant surge (+21.5%), followed by masonry (+19.4%), roofing- plumbing-heating (+17%), and fittings-decoration-plasterwork and electricity (+16.4%)”.

In a context of strong demand since the end of the health crisis and overall growth in the building sector, this explosion in the price of raw materials mainly weighs on customer budgets. “Without earning more, my quotes are 30 to 40% more expensive”, says Fatah, who points out that the rise in fuel prices is also weighing on its accounts. “The big guys always manage to negotiate their supplies, but the independents pay a high price.”

60% of companies say they have passed on the price increase

The Gard craftsman is convinced, “the pace is too high, it will explode at some point”. But when ? Impossible to know. So the plumber-plasterer advises his clients to decide quickly in order to “block early” the purchase of raw materials. “We know what we have one day, but we don’t know the prices we will find the next day.”

From a global perspective, according to figures from the world of craftsmen, 60% of companies recently said they pass on rising costs to consumers. “A figure to be taken with consideration since the weight of the purchases of materials and equipment alone represents 30% of the costs of a company in the construction industry”, recalls the world of craftsmen.

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