PlayStation 5 : Sony a trouvé la solution pour lutter contre la pénurie

While it is still difficult to get a PS5 today, new information regarding the development of a new model is resurfacing. Towards a PS5 Pro in 2023? or is it a lightweight console?

A PS5 Pro for when?

PS4 Pro, Switch OLED, the optimization of home consoles has never been so topical. This is to boost the capabilities of the basic model, or to find alternatives to some elements decried by the community.

For example, the PS4 Pro, released 3 years before its predecessor the PS4, displayed a more powerful console, without eclipsing its big sister. Thus, the developers were able to improve the gaming experience and go further in terms of graphics.

It’s now around PS5 Pro to be in Sony’s plans. The subject had already been mentioned some time ago, and is coming back more seriously in the specialized press. A shame, while it is always so complicated to obtain the white tower. In order to compensate for the lack of components necessary for its manufacture, the manufacturer is considering other alternatives. Mysterious prototypes are sent between the different Sony chapels. Many then wonder about the very serious work around the PS5 Pro.

Registration number CFI-12

In the epicenter of Japan, a Japanese user from Twitter noticed thata new PS5 model, CFI-12, is about to hit stores in the land of the rising sun. According to the person concerned, we should not expect major upheavals. This model should bring more optimizations regarding the main processor (CPU) and allow an update of the radio equipment of the console. Better: according to the documents, Sony would just have the new model certified with the Japanese ministry responsible for verifying compliance with technological standards.



May 10, 2022

This new PS5 would thus make it possible to circumvent the problems experienced concerning the lack of parts, and would represent one of the alternatives to lower production costs. Nevertheless, it could be that this console is not the PS5 Pro, but a variant. Especially since Sony must resolve its stock deficiencies and ensure the production of its PlayStation 5 before tackling that of a more efficient model. Unless the supply problems are resolved quickly.

So let’s talk about a PS5 instead” skinny ” optimized that would serve to save time that Sony can polish its next PS5 Pro.

To go further, a job offer for a SoC verification engineer published a few days ago on LinkedIn from the AMD company raised questions about the development of the chips that will equip the next next-gen consoles, including the PS6. Information that is quite normal when you know that the development of a console represents many years of work.

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