PL : Vague de soutien après l'enquête contre Patrick Vieira

PL : Vague de soutien après l’enquête contre Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira had a very difficult Thursday night with his Crystal Palace team. Police have opened an investigation into the incidents at Everton.

The end of the season is breathtaking in the Premier League, and in particular with regard to two monuments of the championship at the bottom of the classification. If Leeds will fight to the end to try to save their skin, Everton finally managed to get their maintenance this Thursday evening. All after an epic game against Crystal Palace. The Eagles indeed led 2-0 before suffering the lightning of Goodison Park and ultimately losing 3-2. The Toffees thus went to seek their maintenance in the Premier League even if the end was very confused. After Calvert-Lewin’s goal 5 minutes from the end, the field was invaded for the first time, before calm returned painfully.

Patrick Vieira pushed to the limit

And at the final whistle, the lawn at Everton Stadium was immediately taken over by home fans. Forced to cross the field to get to the locker room, Patrick Vieira, the French manager of Crystal Palace, was provoked several times. A fan came to film him a few centimeters away while insulting him copiously. And what had to happen happened, Patrick Vieira pushed him back by the shoulder before dropping him with a small brush. The 1998 world champion somehow returned to the locker room, Everton fans perhaps aware of having gone a little far. And as often when an incident happens in a stadium, the Merseyside police have decided to open an investigation into ” the altercation involving Patrick Vieira “.

An indication of the local police, since no complaint has been registered against the French technician, and 4 Everton fans have been arrested for their dangerous attitude with smoke bombs and invasion of the pitch. In England, many reactions of sympathy were heard with regard to Vieira, who had to undergo insults and provocations on the spot. “ I’m sorry about Patrick. Plus I couldn’t shake his hand at the end because of what happened. He had to cross the field, go 80 meters in front of opposing supporters “, admitted Frank Lampard, the manager of Everton. The ease with which home fans invaded the pitch has surprised observers, who are calling for life bans from those who have been arrested.

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