Philippe Clement : "La victoire de la détermination et de la solidarité"

Philippe Clement : “La victoire de la détermination et de la solidarité”

Present at a press conference, the AS Monaco coach analyzed his team’s new victory on the lawn of Lille (2-1), this Friday during the 36th day of Ligue 1.

And eight! Winner in Lille (2-1) this Friday at the opening of the 36and day of Ligue 1, AS Monaco signed an eighth consecutive victory and remains more than ever in the race for a place on the podium. After this meeting, Philippe Clement delivered his analysis and his satisfaction at a press conference. Extracts.

Hello coach. How do you analyze this meeting?

It was not our best match, but in my opinion it was the victory of the determination and solidarity of the whole team, because we gave everything to take these three points. We knew before the match that it would be difficult to play against this team, which has produced several great performances this season, especially at home. Lille was a revenge team, with players who wanted to show their qualities. Winning this match, in these circumstances, is therefore very important. I would also like to thank our supporters, who again came in large numbers and gave their voices throughout the meeting.

Your team has an 8th consecutive victory…

We are happy about that, but we are looking to the future and the most important thing is these last two games to play. We must keep the same spirit and the same determination. All these victories are not the result of chance, they are due to the work of the entire workforce, which shows a lot of solidarity and which is in good physical shape. Of course, we prefer to be in this position than where we were several months ago, but we have to stay focused and think about the game against Brest, without calculating.

What did you think of the performance of Aurélien Tchouameni, author in particular of a double?

For a coach, it’s easy to work with Aurélien because he always wants to improve. With the whole squad, we worked a lot on finishing and shooting, so I’m very happy that he scored in this phase of the game. It’s due to the repetition in the past weeks, but also to his concentration for to do things well. He also almost scored with a header, which is another aspect that we still have to work on. But Aurélien is exceptional in his desire to progress and each month he takes new steps, which promises him a great future.

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