PC gamer fixe : un prix dingue pour cette tour avec RTX 3070, attention à la rupture du stock !

PC gamer fixe : un prix dingue pour cette tour avec RTX 3070, attention à la rupture du stock !

News good plan Desktop gamer PC: a crazy price for this tower with RTX 3070, beware of out of stock!

Prices finally seem to be returning to normal on desktop gaming PCs and it’s really nice! We even see excellent products, like this Acer Predator tower with an RTX 3070 at only €1,249 at Cdiscount right now.

This excellent gaming PC with RTX 3070 is at a good price at Cdiscount

Is the shortage of cheap graphics cards finally behind us?

After very long months where the price of Nvidia and AMD cards was only soaring, the lull has returned lately, and some cards are even finally available at their MSRP!

As a result, fixed PCs already mounted are on the market at a more than correct price and allow you to play in the best conditions without having to get your hands dirty to set everything up.

Buy the Acer Predator PO3 at 1249 € at Cdiscount

This is the case of this excellent Acer Predator Orion 3000 gaming PC which is found today at only 1249 € at Cdiscount!

Equipped with an RTX 3070 and a good Intel Core i5 11400F, it will be perfect for playing in the best conditions, and it is finally at a price in relation to its characteristics.

If it is still currently available on the Cdiscount site, we advise you not to wait too long to be sure not to miss such an attractive price.

Take advantage of the ACER Predator PO3-630 fixed gaming PC with its RTX 3070 while stocks last!

When looking for a good gaming PC to play, you absolutely need three elements:

  • A good graphics card
  • A good processor
  • At least 16 GB of RAM (8 GB when you really have to restrict the price)

With this Acer Predator, you will tick all three boxes without any problem!

First, the graphics card. With an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 with 8 GB of video memory, you will have access to all recent games without any limits. Most will also run without any problem in ultra.

  • With such a graphics card, ray-tracing is within your reach without reducing the graphics settings!

Next, the processor. With an Intel Core i5 11400 F (thus 11th generation) we don’t have the ultimate, but it’s totally sufficient to play. If you plan to stream with this PC or use very demanding editing software, you may be a little tight, but they will still work without problems.

Finally, the RAM is just nickel. Here we have two bars of 8 GB of RAM (16 GB in all) at 3200 MHz. Nothing to say on this point.

The only weak point of this PC comes from the storage, since we only have 512 GB directly. However, it is one of the easiest things for you to improve in the future!

  • Small bonus point: with this PC, you will have a keyboard and a mouse directly, so no need to buy more!

Buy the Acer Predator PO3 at 1249 € at Cdiscount

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