PC : après près de 10 ans d'absence, cette licence culte sort un nouveau titre jouable dès maintenant

PC : après près de 10 ans d’absence, cette licence culte sort un nouveau titre jouable dès maintenant

The video game is inexorably anchored in the memories of many of its followers thanks to cult licenses. The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, Pokemon, call of duty, Fifa, Crash Bandicoot, Mario Bros.unforgettable memories that pile up over the opuses. And after nearly a decade of absence, now a cult license benefits from a new playable title now.

a new game released yesterday

For several decades now, the FPS genre has been governed by famous franchises such as call of duty, Battlefield, Fortnite or PUBG and CS. But to the delight of lovers of the genre, nuggets are emerging here and there, allowing shooter fans to enjoy a breath of fresh air. And since 2006, the Czech studio Bohemia Interactive has been allowing FPS fans to throw themselves body and soul into a realistic battle: ARMA.

His most famous opus is undoubtedly ARMA 3whose base game has been expanded by the release of several expansions. Released in 2013, the game still displays around ten thousand active players daily, with more than 160,000 shared ratings, 90% of which are positive. A very popular game, therefore, which has placed the franchise on a certain pedestal. And like any multi-part franchise, fans are now waiting for the sequel.

A hypothetical ARMA 4 which will still have to wait a bit, Bohemia Interactive having preferred to develop a stage game released this Tuesday, May 17, 2022: ARMA Overflow. A trailer was published in stride, the opportunity for fans of the franchise to discover this new opus in its most beautiful colors.

A simulation available on Steam in early access for €29.99. The studio did not fail to comment on this sudden release, explaining that ARMA Reforge was “the first step towards Arma 4 and a versatile, creative and fully modular platform for the future, offering a glimpse of things to come“. A new opus that takes place during the Cold War on Everon, a fully explorable 51 km2 island. The first fans of the series will therefore not be out of place since Everon is none other than the very place where the very first game took place. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisisthe series formerly known as ARMA before legal setbacks.

The sequel in the boxes

To take disappointed fans on the wrong foot, Bohemia Interactive took the opportunity to unveil a second trailer called “Road to Arma 4“. A video of nearly 2 minutes that traces the evolution of the franchise, from its beginnings to ARMA Reforge. Only, the latest addition to the studio is then followed by a first logo for ARMA 4something to confirm to fans of the next big opus in the saga is in the cards.

A spin-off that will allow the studio to replenish its coffers and allow the saga to benefit from a real graphic evolution. It remains to be seen what this will be made of ARMA 4, expected as the Messiah by some fans. Answer in the years to come.

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