Paris FC-Sochaux: il y avait "un gros cratère" sur le point de penalty

Paris FC-Sochaux: il y avait “un gros cratère” sur le point de penalty

Several players in the pre-dam to Ligue 1 accession between Paris FC and Sochaux (1-2) on Tuesday noticed a hollow penalty spot. And that may have cost the locals dearly, as they missed two penalties during the game.

This is perhaps one of the explanations for the incredible misfortune of Paros FC Facing Sochaux (1-2), Tuesday during the pre-dam of accession to Ligue 1. The penalty spot of the Charléty field was hollow . And that may have helped hinder the two Parisian shooters who missed their penalty in the first period. Moustapha Name first failed by shooting to the left of the Sochaux goal the frame (2nd). He was imitated a few minutes later by Migouel Alfarela (14th) who also crossed his shot too much.

“A big crater”

Vincent Demarconnay, goalkeeper of Paris FC, noticed the anomaly in the second period when he took place in the goal. “In the second half, when I saw the penalty spot, I understood a little why they might have missed, said the player. It’s not an excuse but there is a big crater at the penalty spot, there is baldness, a big hole. When you have a pitch as difficult as that, it does not help the strikers. Of course, we should have applied ourselves, hit better and at least framed but there were too many headwinds.”

Sochaux striker Steve Ambri also talked about it to his teammates. “Yes, there was a hole on the penalty spot, he confirmed. Unfortunately, they didn’t pay attention to it and it helped us a lot. I’ve never experienced that, it’s huge .” This small hole may have allowed the Doubistes to afford a miraculous qualification for the play-off final against Auxerre, Friday at Abbé-Deschamps.

If Mahamé Diby opened the scoring for Paris (8th), nothing turned in favor of Thierry Laurey’s men, reduced to ten after the expulsion of Moustapha Name (43rd), then joined just before half-time on a goal from Steve Ambry (45th + 1). A goal from Maxime Do Couto in stoppage time of the match (90th + 2) finally offered qualification to Sochaux and plunged Paris FC into a nightmare.

“It’s cruel for the players, we had a consistent match, regretted Laurey at the end of the meeting. It’s the exclusion, beyond the two missed penalties, that tips the balance, and it is logical. They scored a goal at the last second on a shot deflected by my defender who lobbed my goalkeeper: they were successful. That’s what we said to each other with Omar (Daf): I don’t don’t know how we managed to lose. The frustration is there, when we see the match, but the reality is that we are eliminated and that Sochaux will go to Auxerre.”

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