« On s’est trompé, les gens veulent un vélo qui marche » : Angell dévoile ses vélos de la seconde chance

« On s’est trompé, les gens veulent un vélo qui marche » : Angell dévoile ses vélos de la seconde chance

Angell announced in Paris its new generation of electric bicycles. Named Cruiser, this range does not revolutionize the formula, but promises to solve the problems of the first series.

It is an understatement to say that the Angell brand has a lot of work ahead of it to catch up with the wanderings of its first bike. Developed too quickly, released in haste, accompanied by a pretentious marketing speech, the Angell Bike burned its wings, the company giving birth to an electric bike so buggy and poorly thought out that it became a suffering to utilize. Too bad, for a mode of transport supposed to make people smile.

In essence, Marc Simoncini is ultimately not entirely opposed to the analysis we made during our test of the Angell bike. During a conference held in Paris on May 17, 2022 to present the new Angell Cruisers, where Numerama went, the entrepreneur concedes: “ We were wrong. People want a bike that works. “A confession that echoes the ambitions of John Mollanger, new CEO of Angell appointed in early 2022 to bring the tricolor ship out of the storm. When we met him at the beginning of April, this bicycle enthusiast and fine connoisseur of industrial issues who managed Bang & Olufsen in Copenhagen assured us that he was committed to making Angell a pleasant bicycle to use, actively participating, on his scale. , to change our congested and polluted cities.

Angell Cruiser S and Cruiser M, vintage 2022

This idea of ​​a new Angell, Who walks, therefore takes the form of a new model named Cruiser. Available in Cruiser M and Cruiser S versions, this 2022 Angell has only a few visible differences from the one we tested in 2021. Same shape, same raised battery at the rear, same screen in the cockpit. We note all the same, from the outset, several small changes: the mudguards are standard and are no longer useless bits of bamboo and the light parts of the bike (rear light and indicators), transparent, finally comply with the 3D renderings that the brand provided to the press during its announcement. Exit, therefore, the white plastic which gave an unpleasant toy aspect to the bike.

Angell Cruiser M (2022) // Source: Angell

But Angell’s Cruisers are also a sum of software and hardware changes. Since the publication of our test, the only review carried out independently and which contrasted with the initial enthusiasm of the press, the company has not been idle, correcting proven defects by the dozen. These small updates can go so far as to correct basic problems: for example, putting the battery on standby is no longer mandatory, which makes it possible to avoid a painful operation to turn on your bike.

Therefore, between these software and behavior adjustments that have been made on current bikes and those that the Cruisers are revealing, it would seem that Angell finally has a mastered cocktail: a connected electric bike, made in France, that works. The brand is so confident that it now offers insurance à la VanMoof, named Angell Back, which guarantees quick bike replacement in the event of theft, for 2 years. A way to convince more and more potential buyers, for whom the risk of theft is a brake on the acquisition of an expensive bicycle.


Angell Cruiser: price, availability and promises

And for once, the Angell Cruiser scheduled for delivery at the end of June are expensive. We found the Angells expensive for their performance at €2,860: the Angell Cruisers are displayed at €3,490, before any regional aid. The original Angells, renamed Rapides, also take over a hundred euros off the catalog, rising to €2,990. At Angell, we explain this rise by the logistical and materials crisis that the world is experiencing (and it is true that all or almost all bicycles are more expensive in 2022), but also by the attachment to short-circuit production — a assembly line in France is a social and environmental commitment that has a cost. Angell Back insurance and accessories are also offered (the latter were overpriced on the original Angells).

Angell Cruiser S (2022) // Source: Angell

In front of Angell, there are very serious competitors in the sector of lightly motorized bicycles. Canyon, with its Roadlite:ON, displays an extremely well-controlled and exhilarating bike to drive, starting at €2,899. From €3,700, you can go to Specialized’s SL ranges (our test of the Turbo Vado SL on video), whose reputation is well established. For these two bikes, we swap the connected aspect, the insurance and the accessory package for the guarantee of having a robust, durable product, easy to handle and exhilarating from the first seconds. In short, qualities that Angell will have to demonstrate that he has with his Cruisers: we will have the heart of it in June, during a test.

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