OM : Quelles solutions pour remplacer Dimitri Payet jusqu’à la fin de la saison?

OM : Quelles solutions pour remplacer Dimitri Payet jusqu’à la fin de la saison?

End of season announced for Dimitri Payet! What solutions are available to Jorge Sampaoli to replace the Marseille number 10?

Big blow for Olympique de Marseille: Dimitri Payet is no longer available until the end of the season. The OM playmaker suffered a calf injury and Jorge Sampaoli will have to tinker to finish the 2021/2022 financial year.

On Twitter, the Captain of OM wanted to send a message to the supporters.

“My friends, once again I will not be able to do what I love most in the world, playing football. After having passed the last exams today, the results are reassuring but show that unfortunately I could not play again this season. The disappointment is great, the pain is strong, but I am well surrounded and all your messages of support give me the strength to look ahead, so next season starts tomorrow for me. The hardest thing today for me is not being able to help my teammates in this final stretch. I would obviously be behind them and all the staff for the last 3 games that we know are important to achieve the objective set. Finally, I wanted to thank you for all the love you have given me throughout this season. It goes straight to my heart and I realize how lucky I am to play for this club, in this stadium and to live in this city. » Dimitri Payet – SourceTwitter. (07/05/2022)

Saliba on Payet “he’s the best of the team”

In a press conference, William Saliba gave his feelings on the possibilities offered to OM to make up for the absence of Dimitri Payet.

“We have no news from the MRI yet. But of course we are not the same without him. We hope it’s nothing serious, we are wholeheartedly with him (…) Without him, we can also win matches. There are a lot of good players in the team. But he’s the best of the team, so it’s different when he’s not there. We have shown several times this season that we can still achieve good results. He is our playmaker, our technical leader. Amine (Harit) replaced him very well nevertheless. » William Saliba – Source: Press conference (06/05/2022)

Harit can play for him, but he has different characteristics — Sampaoli

Jorge Sampaoli has delivered his first solutions to replace Dimitri Payet. A player so unique cannot be replaced by individuality. It will therefore certainly be a new system with Harit or Gerson.

“Replacing Payet is almost impossible. No other player has his game characteristics. No one. Harit can play for him, but he has different characteristics. Gerson too, but he too is different. Payet is a technical leader, who carries our game. Now, unfortunately, we have to find another solution. But without him, the whole structure worked on during the season is modified. Jorge Sampaoli – Source: Press conference (06/05/2022)

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