Oh non, Carrefour fait passer des entretiens d'embauche dans le métavers

Oh non, Carrefour fait passer des entretiens d’embauche dans le métavers

Three months after buying virtual land in The Sandbox metaverse, Carrefour is unveiling a virtual campus and the developments made in another metaverse. The group even organized recruitment sessions there.

“Hello everyone, I am delighted to take these first steps in the metaverse with you and delighted to meet you for this rather exceptional moment.exclaims Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour, by way of introduction. Exceptional, it is so for many reasons. First because it is very new. This is Crossroads’ first recruitment event in the metaverse.” This is what Carrefour has been concocting for us for a few months.

On February 1, the firm kicked off Web3 by acquiring a virtual plot of land on The Sandbox. This one, located at location 33.147, was acquired for 120 ethereums, or around €300,000. The size of 36 hectares of this virtual land is equivalent to that of 150 hypermarkets of 2500 m² each. But it was then an empty lot, only decked out with a panel bearing the brand’s logo. Its purchase also seemed to respond to a desire not to miss a technological boat, Carrefour having not advanced any particular reason for this acquisition.

Three months later, this land is still fallow, but the group is trying out a metaverse of another kind, on Frame VR this time. Carrefour has “built” a large complex there, planted palm trees, designed beaches and now organizes recruitment sessions there. It is therefore from Paris, but facing the virtual sea, that the CEO of the group has engaged in an operation of seduction “young candidate data analysts or data scientists”wishing to recruit up to 3,000 data specialists by 2026. For the brand’s communication department, it is also a great opportunity to get people talking about the brand, and perhaps also to show more appetite for the technology than the competition.

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