Nouveau Ford Range Raptor : le prix du pick-up, et pourquoi il pourrait faire un carton

Nouveau Ford Range Raptor : le prix du pick-up, et pourquoi il pourrait faire un carton

The Ranger Raptor was already a unique offer in France with its diesel of more than 200 hp and its salient muscles, but it could well drive the point home with the arrival of this second generation. Even if some rivals such as Toyota have tried to produce “compact” pick-ups, Ford is the only one and has a small monopoly on this niche segment which can however pay off big, especially in terms of image. The arrival of a second Ranger Raptor therefore only confirms the very “sporty” policy of the blue oval brand, which has an impressive range of cars in the Performance range, from the small Fiesta to the big F150. Today is therefore the time for the commercial launch for the second Ranger Raptor of the name, for which we finally know the customer price.. And there is again a little tax surprise.

The hit of the flatbed truck for the Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford is indeed one of the few manufacturers to register its double cabin pick-up not as a private vehicle, but as a utility. Including in five places. And you are going to tell us, how is this possible? Aren’t utilities supposed to have a limited number of spaces? The parade is simple: the registration “platform truck”. There are indeed models of flatbed trucks with at least 5 seats: a kind of loophole used by Ford, even if the Ranger’s flatbed isn’t really flatbed, and it doesn’t come up. And the direct consequence is that the Ranger Raptor again escapes the penalty, Ford having confirmed to us that it would be registered as a utility vehicle!

A high price, but a power that is just as high

Suddenly, the Ranger Raptor becomes particularly interesting, even if the inflation is substantial compared to the previous generation: nearly 7000 €. Its price starts at €65,280 including tax (€54,400 excluding tax, for professionals), and obviously, competition is non-existent in this particular market. And even if the volumes of the Raptor version are low in Europe, the manufacturer nevertheless takes advantage of a big image effect of its model with American blood to maintain a young and dynamic image.

Especially since Ford has revised its copy: now you can forget the grunt of the four-cylinder diesel since it is the V6 3.0 Ecoboost that takes place under the long hood. The diesel block, for the moment, is not offered and we do not know if it will arrive in the catalog in France. The power therefore climbs from 213 hp to 288 hp and the torque reaches 491 Nm: the additional cost is high compared to the price of the old Ranger Raptor, but the gain in performance is related.

As standard, only two colors are available (white and gray “conquer”), but other colors (550 € HT) are available in addition. Few options are present, since there are only 2: the Raptor stickers, and the Raptor Exterior Pack (2450 € HT, with motorized tray curtain and sports roll bar). As standard, the Ranger Raptor is very well equipped anyway: 360° camera, 12-inch touch screen, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, 400W converter in the bed, specific steering wheel, matrix LED front lights or even heated windshield are delivered. systematically.

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