Nice: pourquoi INEOS veut des changements cet été

Nice: pourquoi INEOS veut des changements cet été

Info RMC SPORT – Sixth and out of the European places at the dawn of the last day of the championship, the Gym could well experience an eventful summer. Far from being conquered by the current season, Jim Ratcliffe and his men did not wait for the disappointment against Lille last Saturday to project themselves on the summer construction sites.

A hot summer on the Côte d’Azur, nothing more normal. In the bowels of OGC Nice, on the other hand, it is not so frequent. However, movement is expected at the Gym once the championship is over. It remains to be seen in what position the Riviera club will finish at the end of a 38th day which will be decisive for the next season of the Aiglons.

Saturday evening, at halftime of the matches of the 37th day, Nice was installed on the podium. At the final whistle, he was no longer in the European places. “Today we have already lost a lot, admitted captain Dante. Three places in a match is a lot, you don’t have to be afraid of anything anymore. You just have to have courage in these difficult times, be united, united and put all the ingredients to win on Saturday.”

INEOS not happy with current season

A victory in Reims would only maintain hopes of qualification for the European Cup because Nice no longer has its destiny between its feet. Whatever the outcome of the season, Jim Ratcliffe plans to upset the organization chart. Since joining in 2019, INEOS has lost more than 60 million euros. The manager wonders about the departure of several employees from OGC Nice in recent months and has a hard time seeing the image that some supporters have given of the club (incidents against Marseille in August, chants against Sala last week).

If they do not want to abandon their Nice project, Jim Ratcliffe and his men intend to restore order in the house, this going through an audit. In disagreement with the director of football Julien Fournier on the transfer window, Christophe Galtier met last week Dave Brailsford, the man who is called to pilot the INEOS project. As mentioned last week, the Nice coach would like guarantees from investors, he did not appreciate the latest maneuvers by Julien Fournier, in particular the recruitment of Billal Brahimi, far from the more experienced profile he was hoping for. The transfer price (7 million) also made people talk, considered too high for a player who had not yet played 10 games in the top flight.

Fournier-Galtier: the choice would be made

Two visions thus seem to be opposed on the sports policy to be carried out at OGC Nice. That of Julien Fournier, supported by Bob Ratcliffe and that of Christophe Galtier who would tend to follow President Jean-Pierre Rivère. All are confident that they will continue to work hand in hand beyond the season but for INEOS, if a decision had to be made between the coach and the director of football, the choice would be made. Already disavowed in his sporting choices in Lausanne, another club belonging to the petrochemical industry and demoted to the Swiss second division, Julien Fournier, appointed general manager of the club in 2011, sees his credit crumble in the eyes of the owners.

Conversely, in the minds of the latter, Christophe Galtier, reigning French champion, is a man with the win pegged to the body. Quoting the coach and not mentioning the leaders in Jim Ratcliffe’s statement of April 29 aimed at reassuring Nice supporters following the attempted purchase of Chelsea was not trivial. For his part, Jean-Pierre Rivère would wait to meet the decision-makers in order to ask them to invest a little more, a necessity to take a step forward and become a serious regular competitor for the race for the Champions League, unattainable this season. Nice can nevertheless still hope to be European provided they do not miss Reims. The opposite would be a real failure.

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