Chris Paul terrorise Luka Doncic dans le final, LeBron réagit !

NBA – Suns/Mavs dégénère au buzzer, Luka fou de rage !

In shape for a few quarters, Luka Doncic could not resist the Suns wave. The Mavs lost a very important game on Tuesday night, with a roster on the street, far from the level of the Slovenian. But things got out of hand at the final buzzer, with Luka quite annoyed.

With 18 points in the first quarter, Luka Doncic did not need any adaptation to get the better of the Suns from the start of the meeting this Tuesday, for Game 5. The Slovenian quickly wanted to take the match on his own, and we can say that he has successful, for at least 24 minutes. Back from the locker room? That’s another story, as Phoenix got pissed off with a nasty 16-0 run.

Luka Doncic still targeted by the Suns!

Another problem for the Mavs? Their defense, and Doncic is no exception in this area. He was often attacked by Devin Booker, who was happy to take advantage of the Slovenian’s weaknesses. The rear took the opportunity to finish at 28 points, 11/20 in shooting, but above all the victory with a score of 110-80. Yes, as the score suggests, there was no game from the third quarter, with a total run of 33-14.

Doncic is 28 points on arrival, for 11 rebounds, but only 2 assists. A real anomaly for him, which is partly explained by the clumsiness of his teammates. Reggie Bullock is at 0/5, Dorian Finney-Smith is far from his last match at 26 units, since he recorded 8 points, at 2/6 in the shoot. But the match degenerated at the buzzer, with Marquese Chriss eager to do battle with Bismack Biyombo. Security had to intervene in the corridor to avoid a disaster.

A few minutes later, events continued. We don’t know exactly what happened, but Doncic was very annoyed by the opposition’s attitude when he joined his dressing room:

“Everyone plays tough when they are in front”

Big disappointment for the Mavs, close to elimination against the Suns. Luka Doncic is visibly very upset, especially by the attitude of Chris Paul’s teammates. Definitely, Game 6 promises to be explosive in a few days.

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