NBA La tactique des Warriors pour stopper Morant

NBA – Provoqué, Ja Morant recadre sèchement un Warrior !

Helpless in the face of the defeat of his Grizzlies, Ja Morant fell a few minutes later on an insolent tweet from a Warriors player. Neither one nor two, the star leader of Memphis made sure to take him back for his arrogance!

Like any good series of self-respecting playoffs, trash-talking and low blows will have been popular during these six games. Warriors and Grizzlies indeed had some heated exchanges during their confrontation, which finally ended this Friday with the qualification of Golden State. Enough to make Steve Kerr’s proteges a little too confident for the taste of Ja Morant.

Kuminga trolls Grizzlies, Ja Morant direct calm

More than the performance of a single man, the end of this confrontation will have been marked by a punchline signed Steph Curry: “Whoop That Trick”. This, pronounced just before Game 5, had earned him big mockery from the Grizz following their landslide victory. In recent hours, she has also been heard at the Chase Center, but this time to celebrate the accession to the conference finals!

Contrary to what some expected, the announcer of the San Francisco room did not allow himself to sing this song too, showing a little class. The same goes for the Dubs, who didn’t celebrate this success too much… except perhaps Jonathan Kuminga. On Twitter, the rookie dared to take up his leader’s famous punchline, and was quickly slapped on the knuckles by Ja!

Jonathan Kuminga: Whoop that……. 🤪

Ja Morant: You have to take the lead before talking like that kid 😂😂

For Morant, Kuminga would not have shown his value enough in the NBA, let alone in the postseason, to dare to attack an entire franchise like this. At only 19 years old, the latter still has time to learn from this youthful mistake, so as not to alienate other stars in the future. In the meantime, it is he who will discover the Western Conference finals for the first time in a few days!

Jonathan Kuminga was a little too cheeky for Ja Morant, who quickly made it clear to him that he did not yet have the legitimacy to attack him and his teammates. At 22, the star leader is already taking on the role of veteran!

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