Le meneur star NBA des Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, a claqué une performance historique, jamais signée par Michael Jordan ou LeBron James

NBA – La sentence tombe après le gros incident impliquant Chris Paul !

Before returning to the courts with the Suns, Chris Paul was waiting for news from the Mavs, who had sanctions to take against two fans. The latter had an altercation with members of his family, while Dallas has just made a decision. The franchise takes the opportunity to explain in a little more detail what happened.

Since Monday, Chris Paul must be angry after Game 4 against the Mavericks. First of all because the Suns lost this meeting, but especially because his family was the victim of two fans who were a little too tipsy. According to some sources, there are strollers in the lot, enough to infuriate CP3, who had promised to take revenge on the moment. The Mavs them, carried out their investigation in order to punish the people in question.

Chris Paul angry after the verdict of the Mavs?

The franchise obviously has access to cameras to find out what happened in detail, and the result seems much less serious than expected according to the Texas team. The fans in question have been banned from the room until 2023, as it would only be “unwanted hugs” according to Dallas. No stroller or other inappropriate gesture in the lot, which explains this low sanction.

In a statement, the Dallas Mavericks announce that the two unruly fans ejected in Game 4 attempted unwanted hugs with Chris Paul’s family. Both fans will not be allowed back into the venue until 2023.

A weak sanction, but which one imagines justified by the Mavs, who were able to review the images in detail. Always difficult to know what exactly happened during this incident, because the notion of “unwanted hugs” is very vague, and even amused some Internet users. The most important thing is that the event seems much less serious than expected, even if Dallas was forced to sanction.

“Why do they have the right to come back? »

“Because it was a hug, not a violent act. »

Chris Paul overreacted

Fans banned for a few months won’t really change what just happened for Chris Paul’s family, who shouldn’t be back in a room for a while. A sad incident, even if the result is much less serious according to the Mavericks. It remains to know the position of Chris Paul on the subject.

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