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NBA – En fusion, Jimmy Butler lâche une ligne de stats jamais vue dans toute l’histoire !

Only one game in the NBA this Tuesday evening, with the start of the conference final between the Celtics and the Heat. Miami started with a victory, helped by the performance of Jimmy Butler, who released a real madness on the floor. Opposite, impossible to fight against such a player… even if it is only Game 1.

Things start well for the Heat, who beat the Celtics on Tuesday night, with a score of 118-101. Jayson Tatum, with 29 points, was not enough to make the difference in Game 1, which is often important in a conference final. Nobody likes chasing the score, except that Boston is going to have to quickly rectify the situation. After all, a 0-2 advantage would be very unfortunate against the teammates of Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler perfectly extinguishes the Celtics!

Exactly, it was the Heat winger who stood out in this Game 1. He showed that he was one of the big players in this league, at least if some have some doubts about it. His stat line? Complete, and simply unique in history according to the StatMuse account: 41 points at 12/19 shooting and 17/18 free throws, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and finally 3 blocks.

Jimmy Butler had 41/9/5/4/3 tonight. He is the first player in NBA playoff history to reach those numbers since blocks and steals were tallied in 1974.

A simply complete feat for Butler, who did not want to start this Game 1 with a defeat, let alone at home. The job is done for Miami, with 18 points from Tyler Herro off the bench. In terms of statistics, we can even continue to talk about Butler, since he also takes the opportunity to overtake a few legends, including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Definitely a special night for him.

Indeed, with his line of stats, Butler is doing better than anyone in Miami’s history in the playoffs, when he’s only been there a few seasons. It necessarily deserves respect for the star, determined to exterminate the Celtics in this conference final:

Playoff games with at least 40/5/5 in Heat history: 3, Jimmy Butler. 2, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

This first final begins perfectly for the Heat, which was able to count on a great Jimmy Butler, who achieves as a bonus the unprecedented in the history of the entire league. It’s played well for him, and it sets the tone against Jayson Tatum. But beware, Celtic have not said their last word in this exciting series.

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