Nikola Jokic 9 février 2022

MVP : 65 votes sur 100 pour Nikola Jokic, c’était moins serré que prévu

Named MVP of the regular season for the second consecutive year, Nikola Jokic received his trophy in the most beautiful way, at home in Serbia. But in addition to the name of the winner, we were still impatiently awaiting the details of the votes. They just fell.

875. That’s the total points collected by MVP winner Nikola Jokic in this 2021-22 race. Favorite to do the double after an absolutely huge new campaign, the Joker was not only elected in front of Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo but in addition, he quite clearly dominated his direct competitors in the number of votes for the first place. 65 out of 100 in favor of the Joker is 39 more than Embiid, who finished with 706 points in all (595 for Giannis). While we could have expected a rather tight vote given Jojo’s magnificent season as well as the rumors that had appeared last week concerning a potential victory for the Cameroonian, Jokic brought together a large number of voters through his perfs. Already disappointed with the final result, Joel’s fanbase is probably crying foul at such a gap as the two pivots have each been great for their respective teams. And Jojo fans are arguably even more shocked to see that the gap between Nikola and Joel (169 points) is bigger than that between Embiid and Giannis (111 points), the latter still garnering 32 votes for second place. . We are now eagerly awaiting the reaction of Joel, who recently congratulated Jokic on his title while wondering what more he needed to do to finish first one day.

In addition to the details of the votes for the Top 3, we were eager to discover the identity of the guys taking places 4 and 5. At the foot of the podium, we find Devin Booker (216 points), who is ahead of Mister Luka Doncic (146 points) after his fine individual campaign in the steamroller named Suns. When you are the top scorer of a team that has won no less than 64 regular wins, you are normally in a good position when it comes to doing the accounts, even if in the eyes of some (like Draymond Green) the back of the Suns deserved to be much higher. Doncic, who is currently facing the Cactus in semi-conf’, is obviously paying for his rather mediocre start to the season because in terms of stats (28 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists) and balance sheet (52 wins), he could theoretically aim for better than fifth place. Will have to get back in shape next year Luka, and maybe this trophy will be yours. Jayson Tatum takes sixth place after the Celtics’ great end to the season and will return to the pro season with the intention of winning everything. Ditto for Ja Morant, finally seventh and inevitably weighed down by his number of missed matches this year. Stephen Curry, who had started with a bang, only got four small points in the end, two more than Chris Paul, while LeBron James, Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan collected a symbolic point.

The identity of the winner for the MVP has already been talked about in recent days, something tells us that it will continue to cause a little more now that the details of the votes have been revealed…

Source text: NBA

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