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MotoGP Remy Gardner tombe de haut : “nous avons tout gagné et nous sommes maintenant en fin de peloton” – Paddock GP

Remy Gardner tells us: MotoGP has apparently raised its level of play so much that it is no longer possible for a rookie to land there and redistribute the cards. It is all the same a reigning Moto2 World Champion who affirms it, with all the more assurance that his teammate is Raul Fernandez who was his runner-up in the general classification at the end of the exercise. 2021, and who can’t do it any more than him. Before the French Grand Prix, so important for his Tech3 team, the Australian takes stock of his career so far with the KTM RC16, in all humility…

Remy Gardner will attack his seventh Grand Prix this weekend at Le Mans as a MotoGP rider. Last year he dominated Moto2 but this time he has a more modest record: in the first six Grands Prix, the Australian has only finished in the points twice, earning a total of three points in the Championship world, finishing 15th in Qatar and 14th in Portugal… The Australian admits it bluntly, he fell from above and quite heavily.

We couldn’t wait to come here and set the world on fire » says the pilot ofHerve Poncharal. The level in MotoGP is really high. There are a lot of world champions here and riders who have been racing in this category for a long time. You have to have realistic expectations “, recognize Gardner. ” Of course, it is difficult for us. We won it all and now we’re at the end of the pack ». His teammate Raúl Fernandez, against whom he fought for the title in Moto2 last year is in the same situation as him. However, it will be noted that Darryn Binderdirectly parachuted from Moto3 on an outdated Yamaha M1 does just as well while Marco Bezzecchialso a beginner, is gaining momentum on the Ducati GP21 of the VR46.

Remy Gardner: we have to stay positive and work to get out of the m….

And then there are also the two official pilots KTM which are, for the moment, unattainable for the duo Tech3a priori equipped with the same RC16. Remy Gardner explains this situation on motorsport-total: “ we have factory rider data so can see where we are wasting time. The challenge, however, is to do what they do. It is certainly not easy. But it is positive to have the data of the official pilots “says the rookie.

What do Brad Binder and Oliveira differently? According to Remy Gardner, the main difference is experience. ” They rode KTMs from Moto3. They have sat on these bikes in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP and understand the characteristics very well. KTM follows a certain philosophy. I haven’t ridden a KTM since 2015 or 2014 “, he says before concluding: “ we have to stay positive and work to get out of the merde. It certainly wasn’t the best start to the season. But it wasn’t a total disaster either. “.

Remy Gardner

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